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  1. Mojo Rising

    Going Paperless: What is a good Invoicing System for IPADS?

    This is one of those age old questions.. which software to run my business from. You will find out that all software isn't made the same, which is great because we all don't run the same business. So you have to find out what you want and need for your business. If you have a fleet of vans...
  2. Mojo Rising

    Reply to this thread....this is Unbelievable!

    I woke up today and decided that I wanted waffles. I haven't been craving waffles, but some things are just to good to pass up, especially with some Aunt Jemima syrup. Really though if anything.. the marketing aspect is worth the $20... I am not sure if i'm going to have it be my daily driver...
  3. Mojo Rising

    Reply to this thread....this is Unbelievable!

    Do you guys know how to export customer history from Service Monster. I will say that giving us control of when we can push the app is a huge feature.. Is there a time table for when this might happen?
  4. Mojo Rising


    They are proactive with coming out with new features.. that is always a good sign from a company. I just am not a big fan of the sister/pro app marriage and the angieslist connection.. I am worried that its going to eventually turn into an angieslist type deal. I had an angielist rep call...
  5. Mojo Rising

    Trading thread? What do you have?

    80% refurbished machine.. needs heat exchanger, water supply hooked up and maybe a few gauges.. Nick at EZ can do a heat exchanger for $500 and less than a few hundred bucks for the rest of the needed parts. Jon Don actually just did all the wiring for it too.. so it runs like a champ. Engine...
  6. Mojo Rising

    TMF Pro 10k samples

    To support a forum that has helped me out a lot.. and yes in my opinion it is just as good as PH10k.
  7. Mojo Rising

    TMF Pro 10k samples

    I tried a couple of different samples of Pro 10k.. not sure if its the same stuff it is now. I have also gone through a couple of boxes of PH10k as well. Ph 10K is a quality prespray too. The stuff I got from Rob smells like starbursts and worked very well.. it was comparable to PH 10K...
  8. Mojo Rising

    The Aloha thread about nothing!

    Great to see you posting again Dave..
  9. Mojo Rising

    Kipp Where The Hell Are YOU!!!!

    Anyone ever figure out what all is going on with that biz, that dude name alan, the two next levels and everything else?
  10. Mojo Rising

    seperate from others

    Sounds desperate and being desperate is not the way to market your company. You really want to know what the consumer wants? Its not a secret.. the vast majority just want someone they can trust to come into THEIR home.. a person who has access to places their best friends don't even go to...
  11. Mojo Rising

    I say gold and white

    The dress pic is interesting.. I first saw the dress on a website and it was gold and white.. I read the article about the dress and when I went back up to the picture it was black and blue for me. The dress keeps changing color for me.. sometimes its violet and brown. I think it has to do...
  12. Mojo Rising

    Answering Services

    Good Luck trying to find one.. I was using AOA like you for a couple of years but towards the end their quality dropped pretty bad. Something you should look into is having a live booking software on your website with a virtual receptionist and a customer portal so they can easily book...
  13. Mojo Rising

    Grandparents(in-laws) always wanting to take my kids

    They are lonely and children gives people so much happiness.. sure beats them getting 30 dogs and cats to fill that void. The best thing to do is communicate with them about your concerns, I am sure they have no idea that they are causing you to get upset about it. They will probably have a...
  14. Mojo Rising

    Clean it, just try not to do a good job!

    I don't think it has to do with pride.. but rather if that is legal or not and would you want something like that done to you. Sure you get to stay busy with those 10 jobs a month but you just helped someone get screwed out of thousands of dollars by having new carpet installed in their house...
  15. Mojo Rising

    Clean it, just try not to do a good job!

    Lets see.. a customer wants you to clean the carpets in someone else's house and doesn't want you to do a good job so she can SELL that person new carpet? Who would really want to be a part of that??? Would any of you all be okay if someone tried to do that to you.. no wonder this industry...
  16. Mojo Rising

    Kipp Where The Hell Are YOU!!!!

    That's weird he put a lot of money and time into his carpet biz. Great guy either way.
  17. Mojo Rising

    Rigging dual fuel pumps up one for a back up

    Seems like more hassle than its worth.. plus u have a fuel pump not being used exposed to the elements.
  18. Mojo Rising

    All you rotary guys are full of $#!T

    I wonder if mixing the different chemicals together caused a decrease in cleaning power.
  19. Mojo Rising

    You "electric green" guys are full of crap

    Green is a broad spectrum and you can't lump everything in one category.. What does green mean in our industry? The first common sense one is to run your business smart.. that is a whole thread on its own.. but basically cutting waste. The second and biggest is the cleaning products we...
  20. Mojo Rising


    The lack of snow can.. warm water off the coast is making for a warm winter.
  21. Mojo Rising


    They closed the local ski resorts.. record low for snow fall this year. This is the times that I love global warming.
  22. Mojo Rising


    We have no snow this year.. it's spring like conditions now, saw a bumblebee already.
  23. Mojo Rising

    DevPro wand by caltool review

    I can't wait to get one of these wands..
  24. Mojo Rising

    Roof mounted reel

    I don't think you save much space mounting it from the ceiling.
  25. Mojo Rising

    First bad review

    Dropping her wouldn't be the correct term because his initial intent was to service her.. if he was dropping her, that means he is cutting all ties with the customer.. she did drop him though.