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    2 Truckmounts for sale

    Located in San Antonio Tx. Local pick up only so we can test run before you buy. One machine has 35 hp engine with 4007 blower and pressure washer pump using large heat exchangers. It is a EZ Truckmount made for Steam Brite includes waste tank and fresh water box. Big machine in very...
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    Any old school guys on here from Performance Truckmounts doing water injection?

    A Long time ago I played around with water injection into my blower to increase CFM and HG. Had some good success and blower had no adverse effects. But I never ran much more than a mist and would cut off water about 10 min before finishing job to completely dry out blower and silencer. Then...
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    Truckmounts and accessories for sale

    I have 2 Truckmounts for sale. 35hp, 4007 blower, general pressure washer pump, high heat exchangers, waste tank, water box never used 2014 model. 37hp, 4007 blower 30%over, 5gpm pump, auto pump out, diesel burner, large waste tank, very low hours, needs fuel pump but we did test ran it with...
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    Parting out Truckmount vs sell complete

    Anyone ever parted out a TM vs selling complete package? 35Hp 4007 heat exchanger machine and thinking of parting it out. Need help pricing parts? We test ran it and everything works but it has soot from being in building that caught fire a few years ago. So frame , heat exchangers (which...
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    CX15, Drag Wand, Mytee Trex

    I have a CX 15 that is like brand new only used on my living room carpet to try out. $900. I have a drag wand that is 21" that has never been used just dusty from warehouse $900. I have a Mytee Trex that looks brand new and shows no damage but motor doesn't work $250. Send me a email to...
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    2 Truckmounts and Hot water pressure washer

    35hp Steambrite machine has huge heat exchangers 4007 blower waste tank water box etc. We test ran it and it works perfect and makes lots of heat, it's compact to fit in smaller van and sold for18k new. Less than 1 hour on it just to test run $6,500 firm. Big skid power washer with Honda 690...
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    New Truckmount

    Local guy bought everything from the Steambrite Fire and kept this one for himself. It's in great shape has 35Hp engine with 47 Blower and uses eleberate heat exchanger system. Has huge waste tank and fresh water box. Just dirty no real damage from heat shows 0 hours but we test fired it...
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    Rotovac Bonzer nozzle upgrade

    Been using my Bonzer for a year now and absolutely love it and was wondering if anyone has tried running larger nozzels? It has 11001 now would 11015 be a noticeable difference or should I go 11002. I am running a 47 blower and 500 to 600 psi at 275 degrees not letting off trigger because of...
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    Fire Sale Opportunity

    Hello everyone my name is Don and I am located just north of San Antonio Texas. I stumbled upon what could be an amazing opportunity or a huge PITA. Did some work for a gentleman and he had an acquaintances in the insurance salvage business that has aquaried a very large amount of brand new...
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    Help with shiny tile

    Old customer just bought a new to him commercial building with the most amazing high gloss shine tile but very dirty grout lines. (Black and supposed to be white). I cleaned the restrooms which were very nasty first with groutmaster then second cleaning with viper renew the grout and tile turned...
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    Tough Tile Job

    Cleaned a tile garage floor that is used for auto detailing and minor repairs, so as you can expect it was very dirty. Silicon and petroleum dressings/tire shine, wax/polish, oil, antifreeze, rust, tire marks, adhesives, etc. etc. Always had really good luck using Oxyclean, alkaline detergent...
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    Big wheel kit Rotovac 360

    Anyone ever looked at installing bigger wheels on a 360? Kinda like Excellent Supply does the Vario orbital scrubber. I am not a huge fan of buffer style operating machines(swinging) I prefer wheels on the ground to help control when given the choice. I mostly use the original Rotovac...
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    Power-flite PEB

    I watched a guy clean some really nasty carpet years ago with one of these and it was looking really good. Not sure why they were not more popular? I have the big Brush Pro CRB and it is doing amazing but I have to follow up with my TM and currently using a Rotovac Power wand. I would love a...
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    Need a New Wand

    Went to buy a new PMF Mach-15 Titanium but got overloaded with options. Salesmen was pushing me towards the Mach-12 because it is easier to maneuver with 1.5 hose and claims vac losses is very minimal if any??? I liked the pistol grip vs the V8000 ez valve I think!!! Then there was the Teflon...
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    How about this?

    Been looking for a encap machine that I can use on commercial carpet but could also scrub tile and per scrub residential carpet. Kinda want one light weight (bad back) machine that can do all. I have used 175 floor machines before and never got real comfortable using it around residential...
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    Dry Cleaning Powder

    I was looking at the Master Blend Brush and Clean TM 4x4 at SteamBrite and they recomended using it with Encapsulation and using Dry Cleaning Powder to acheive the best results possible. Can the Cimex be used with powder as well and is it really necessary? Found a couple Square Scrub machines...
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    Square Srub or......

    I am currently using my Rotovac Powerwand with brushes and getting fair result encap cleaning but am ready for a new toy. There is a company selling used Square Scrubs for $1500 how would this machine do or would money be better spent on a new Brush Pro or Cimex? Thanks if Square is a good...
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    Unhappy Customer

    Very soiled carpet, customer does not want any chemicals so I used my Rotovac and Truckmount at 250 degrees and at 350psi. Went over every square inch 3 to 4 times and dry stroked several times. There are lines in the carpet where the RotoVac cleaned deeper in some areas and less in others...
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    Be Aware of HOA's

    Got a call last Friday at 6:30pm for a very small water extract started up machine at 7:45 and finished by 8:15 or so. Monday get a call from home owner saying she is getting a ticket from her Home Owners Association for getting work performed at her house after 6pm ask me if I am going to pay...
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    Employee wages!!!

    How much do you pay your help? Do you pay be the job or by the hour? Do you pay biweekly or weekly. What do they make a week/year??? Do you offfer benefits and if so what are they.
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    Negative Perception???

    Many of my customers bad mouth the previous carpet cleaner and tell me nightmare stories and how they feel they were ripped off. Just wondering how you handle this when it comes up? I used to go along with and relate to them other stories I have heard through-out the years but I think this...
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    Fuel Tap

    Setting up 2nd rig and need to do a fuel tap(gas) on Ford E450 box truck. What is the best and least expensive way to do this.
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    TCS Chief II

    Anyone used or seen this Truckmount? I am torn between the EL Diablo and the Chief II. The El Diablo only shows to have 1000psi the Chief II can be bought with a 2000psi pump for a extra charge.
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    El Diablo

    I have built my last two Truck Mounts and am now able to buy a new machine. I was going to build a monster with at least a #56 Blower but I have very little time anymore. Looks like the El Diablo is the best value and should work fine as a single wand machine. Any thing negative about this...
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    My name is Don and I look forward to learning and sharing as much information as possible with all the members on this forum. I would like to thank the Admin and the Sponsors for making this site available. I have already learned alot just from browsing through the treads.