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  1. KevinL90

    Do You Geotag?

    Hello there! Wanted to ask you guys do you geotag your website images? I just read this piece of advice and want to implement schema markup to images according to the code and steps they published there. Also, I read similar advice on Neil Patel website so I think it's worth trying. What do you...
  2. KevinL90

    Google My Business update

    Hello all! GMB app is updated again. Looks like Google is turning the GMB app into more of an engagement platform, and it seems that it is becoming more powerful with each update. Are you using it for your local visibility? Check out a recent GMB update that can help your business to stand out
  3. KevinL90

    The New Cool Google My Business Feature

    Hello all! Have anyone tried this new google my business feature yet? It seems like a thing worth implementing
  4. KevinL90

    Ready or not, here Google comes. Have You Moved to HTTPS?

    Yesterday, on July 24 Chrome, Google’s popular browser, started marking HTTP sites as not secure. Have you switched to HTTPS? Here is an article that explains why you should have done it long time ago. Why You Should Have Moved to HTTPS Before July 2018