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  1. seagrtj

    Looking for Performer 405 parts

    Does anyone have a carburetor and governor for a Performer 405 they would like to sell? New ones are a bit pricey
  2. seagrtj

    Mold loves Leather...I guess

    So apparently mold loves it some Italian leather.. This couch was submerged for 2 weeks in Houston
  3. seagrtj

    In case you were wondering..

    It only takes 20 minutes per room And 4 easy steps to be a carpet cleaner... :)
  4. seagrtj

    Commercial Drivers License Question

    Does driving a company (completely wrapped) Box Truck require the driver to have a Class C CDL? What about traveling out of state? What about DOT #'s
  5. seagrtj

    Hurricane Harvey

    Been keeping a close eye on this storm. Most likely going to head down there to help in the disaster relief. If it is as bad as they are predicting, there will be enough work for everyone. If anyone in or around the area would like to team up, let me know. PM me.
  6. seagrtj

    New business venture

    Putting the carpet cleaning on hold for a few more days
  7. seagrtj

    Most common misconception

    What do you all think is the most common misconception about the carpet cleaning industry is??
  8. seagrtj

    Just an fyi... Clearing my chest

    For the past several years I lurked shyly in this forum. Not ever mentioning where or what I really did. I was not a cleaner. Some of you probably figured out what I did. I worked for a large supplier, but never wanted to associate that with my knowledge for a few reasons. Anyway, now I no...
  9. seagrtj

    Why is it so hard to keep a van clean?

    So this question has baffled me for a while, but why is it so hard to keep a van clean? Inside, Outside, just overall cleanliness. A good majority of the vans I see are a disaster inside. I see the often where the waste tank basket is cleaned out and thrown right on the van door step. They...
  10. seagrtj

    Costly Mistakes...

    Everyone, at some point, has made a costly mistake. This particular person didn't have the correct blower to waste tank hose size so they wrapped several layers of duct tape around the waste tank flange and then attached the hose. Not good. All of that white/grey stuff in the blower is duct...
  11. seagrtj

    How would you like to clean this carpet?

    Yep, for the rocker in you, skull carpet
  12. seagrtj

    Think you are having a bad day??

    Your day could be this bad. Yes the valve head broke off and busted two holes in the piston. It is currently lodged in the piston.
  13. seagrtj

    And we have another....

    Once again, it's the old "I'm in the middle of a job and I lost suction, I need to bring it in now" Original blower belts just over 800 hours on the machine Sent from my LG-LS980 using TMF Forums mobile app