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  1. brentnorman

    Diesel Burner

    Where's the place to get diesel fired heaters for carpet cleaning?
  2. brentnorman

    Rough hardwood cleaning

    Customer wants their hardwood cleaned. Dog peed on it. It's a rough wood. Normally I'd just use my micro fiber mop and micro fiber pad on my 175. What would you recommend? Products/procedure? It's just like this wood I installed, it has a clear poly over it.
  3. brentnorman

    Getting more suc

    Got the silver bullet filter from Wanders. That helped a lot with suction! Then went 4ttd, huge difference!!
  4. brentnorman


    My partner surprised me with a new green Zipper Wand! This thing works great!
  5. brentnorman

    Making our spotter bottles

    Got these from Ryan Kettering. He did a great job! We will be handing these out with cleanings. Also doing a home show where if they sign up and schedule a cleaning they get one.
  6. brentnorman

    Putting the pumpkin away...

    Got a new SealADoor to match my colors. I'll bring the pumpkin back out in the fall. These things are great! My customers think I'm a real pro when I use it.
  7. brentnorman

    Video of my morning commute in MN

    Walking to get my van and truckmount out of heated shop. It was well below zero. I do this every morning. Good way to wake up. :) Thought I'd share just in case you were bored....
  8. brentnorman

    Ty 212 Muscled me into reading over 900 posts

    I want my 2 days back! That was worse than the Lost series!!! Lol!
  9. brentnorman

    A New Market

    Here's something for you guys to get into! Cleaning stuffed animals. Here I cleaned a pig.... It averaged out to $180/hour. :)
  10. brentnorman

    Switched it up

    Just for fun, I agreed to do this van. Someone started but decided not to was a bad mildew on the fiberglass.
  11. brentnorman

    Showing the van love today

    Trying to clean up and gear up for winter. I took a ton of stuff out. Hoping to put very little back in. Plus new tires
  12. brentnorman


    Got my new Seal-A-Door today. My customers Love it! So do I. The window can easily be cut out but this is fun for the season.
  13. brentnorman

    Bath exhaust fans?

    Anyone cleaning out bath exhaust fans as well as dryer vents and furnace vents? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  14. brentnorman

    Van Wraps van lettering

    I'm lost when it comes to this. Does this look ok?
  15. brentnorman

    Let the fun begin!

    Got my care package from Bonnet Pro. This fan by the way is awesome!! 4000 cfms really blows!!!! Less than $200 on Amazon. My more wet carpets! Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  16. brentnorman

    Today's job

    252 panes of glass. I wish I had a WFP!! Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  17. brentnorman

    Upset with a certain distributor!!!!

    The pressure regulator on the TM broke, cracked right in half!! Jammed packed schedule forcing me to use my porty which I'm dumping the thing and going VLM for back up from now on. Ordered the new part for my specific TM and asked it to be shipped next day to me, from down south up to MN...
  18. brentnorman

    May I vent

    Friday I asked my help to go and turn up the rpms after I got doing a couch, I was going to do some steps with my upholstery tool since it was on. He goes out and I begin to clean the steps, in a second I can't squeeze the trigger. He turned the pressure all the way up instead of the rpms...
  19. brentnorman

    Interior Windows

    When my partner was talking to one of the biggest window cleaning companies in our area, he asked what we are using. Told him strip washer and squeegee. He said Oh you are only doing exterior. What?! Tell me I'm not the only one doing both sides of the glass this way! He must use a sprayer...
  20. brentnorman

    Thank you Tilemaster!

    I'm bidding on 60,000 square feet janitorial and carpet cleaning job. But they gave me a test first. Told me another cleaning company came in and cleaned a dirty pitted bathroom tile floor. He used an "acid" wash and scrubbed and scrubbed and took 4-5 hours to complete. They were impressed...
  21. brentnorman

    Nicotine on popcorn ceiling

    Got a call for a move out cleaning in an apartment building. Bad smoke damage from 13 years of 2 chain smokers. They want us to do a restoration cleaning. What can be done to clean the popcorn ceiling? Was thinking using a paint roller and TSP. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  22. brentnorman

    Just a moment

    It wasn't what I had in mind when I first stepped in the door tonight. I was tired. But it took just a moment. It was just grabbing a Marvel Lego and being goofy with my son. That moment meant something to him. I'm not bragging I'm just encouraging you busy people to take a moment with...
  23. brentnorman

    To Each His Own

    I see a lot of videos of guys using their Rotovacs and other rotary scrubbers. And my helper can't seem to get it either. I don't understand their set up and routine to go through a house or room. It seems sporadic. Here is my usual pattern to go through a typical house with my Rotovac...
  24. brentnorman

    First time in 9 years

    It's supposed to be spring. But we keep getting snow. Had a job at 9 this morning. Beautiful lake home on one of the nicest lakes around. Problem was it was up a hill, driveway covered in snow with ice under it. I tried several times and kept sliding backwards. I couldn't make it and it...
  25. brentnorman

    Friday night

    What are you up to tonight? I'm on TMF burning a tree!cheers Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app