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  1. seagrtj

    Anyone own a prochem apex ?

    Set it to what the manual says
  2. seagrtj

    Moldy hoses.

    I can't really see it being mold. Mold needs a food source and rubber isn't really one.
  3. seagrtj

    Engine rpm

    Why do you say they are opening the gap of the lobes? Those blowers are just dropped in straight from the mfg. There will always be a difference in recommended specs between the mfg of the blowers, pumps, & engines. Those mfg's make those products for several various applications. They can...
  4. seagrtj

    Buying a used 370ss

    Probably like $2500-$3000. The replacement engine itself is about $2000. You can find the same engine cheaper but it will probably only have a 16A stator, you really need the 20A stator to take the electrical load and still charge properly
  5. seagrtj

    Weird Air Leak - Performer 405

    You have 3 inline filters between the demand pump and the machine?? I hope not. dump the output of the demand pump into a bucket and make sure you are getting the correct flow out. Probably like 4-5 gpm. Look at the pump, it will tell you.
  6. seagrtj

    Buying a used 370ss

    1 week or 5 years. That's about the most accurate guess you can give. The engine will be the concern. The 2 cyl engines are historically good for about 3500 hrs give or take 1000. 370 is a great machine. be ready for an engine replacment, but the machine will do well for you.
  7. seagrtj

    Need help deciding on a Sapphire 370 or Boxxer 318

    370 is a much more powerful machine than the 318.
  8. seagrtj

    Wireless PTO TM Control

    What is the range of the transmitter/receiver?
  9. seagrtj

    Wireless PTO TM Control

    How often, when you are cleaning, do you wonder what your RPM's are??? I thought this would be the next small breakthrough, but you'd know before the readout could tell you.
  10. seagrtj

    Wireless PTO TM Control

    Prochem tried to get fancy with e-idle. you would key the wand 3 times and the machine would drop down to idle. then key 3 times again and back up to full throttle. Great idea. IMO...unfortunately the wrong audience. Features like this are just another costly repair. The simpler the...
  11. seagrtj

    Barcode readers

    What is the actual legality of docking an employees pay for lost or broken tools?
  12. seagrtj

    Barcode readers

    That seems like you would spend half your day doing inventory. Are you talking about tools, chems, & consumables?
  13. seagrtj

    Water filtration/deionization

    There are no salt systems that use electrical current to break down the molecules that cause hard water. There are no chemicals involved. FREIJE is one that is used quite often in a TM system. I've install quite a few of them.
  14. seagrtj

    Box truck

    Go with the plywood. You will be able to mount stuff to it when needed. FRP isn't cheap either unless you buy the really thin junk.
  15. seagrtj

    questions on installing pumptec 207v

    500 psi pump is going to have to have a pressure regulator and a bypass back to the tank. Depending on the regulator you use, that will determine where you have to place the bypass line back to the tank. Honestly, if it started with a 100 psi pump, you can put the 220 psi pump in there and be...
  16. seagrtj

    Waste water disposal

    possibly the best comment of the year
  17. seagrtj


    Pm me your email address. I will send it to you
  18. seagrtj


    The great exchangers aren't really an issue. Engine parts are very hard to find. Alot odd the other parts are just obsolete making them either expensive or unobtainable
  19. seagrtj


    Jon-Don Salem has a customer with 2 of them in a box truck...yes 2 of them..1 truck
  20. seagrtj


    They only made a couple hundred of them. It is the 405 big bad ass brother. 2.4L engine vs 1.6L. Enormous blower. It truly is a beast. Same problem as the 405 now... Parts are becoming very hard to find.
  21. seagrtj

    Boxer 427

    The exhaust does get hot... If the heat exchanger is clogged it will get very hot due to the restriction. May want to check that. I believe the machine had to come out though. I know the 421 h.e. Had to be removed from the bottom
  22. seagrtj

    Just bought a used van with CDS, need advice.

    It can be lifted up and out. It is still a pain to get out. Depending on what type of work you are doing, sometimes it easier to remove the seat
  23. seagrtj

    Portable from truck

    except for the extremely flammable fuel can sitting inside the van. Fuel vapors are ultra combustible and sitting next to a machine making lots of heat.... Bad combo I highly recommend removing any fuel source from inside the vehicle.
  24. seagrtj

    370 ss?

    I won't be that guy who argues the point of only having 5 wires, the ignition switch alone should have 3 at a minimum, then 2 on the battery, 2 for a fuel pump, 1 for a pump clutch, 2 for a transfer pump,, several on the engine, 2 for a shut off float and hopefully at least a couple sensors...