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  1. ryan81588

    Losing a large account

    I was talking with a facilities manager today who we are losing a contract with, and he told me the reason we were being terminated. He doesn’t feel We have the management piece of our business in place. Said that we shouldn’t have the owner in managing filling in and doing specialty work. That...
  2. ryan81588

    Ok so its ben 10 years Rob Allen do you ever plan on delivering my website?

    So 10 years ago I had cleaner designs develop a website spent $1800 on it. It was literally crap never got delivered and never got it finished to my satisfaction. About 2 years ago I called in to inquire about getting it finished or delivered and never got a response. Back in late 2018 I called...
  3. ryan81588

    Sales and Marketing

    Hey guys just wondering what your sales process is. How often do you contact potential customers? Do you leave voicemails? Do you just keep your name in front of them? How much is to much?
  4. ryan81588

    Is the janitorial business even worth it?

    Ive been in the buiness for about 12 years now and I’m just starting to think the janitorial industry is just not profitable anymore. Anyone else feel this way?
  5. ryan81588

    Lost largest account

    I just lost my largest account to The Budd Group. Anyone else ran into them?
  6. ryan81588

    Need a shelf

    Dont they make shelving that mount to the top of the fresh water tanks? Just purchased an 870 with 2 100 gallon water tanks and I need more shelf space.
  7. ryan81588

    Would you have done it?

    So I'm at my largest account on Wednesday when the business directed comes up to me and says these floors in the janitors closet look pretty bad. Would you replace them for us. I said sure and by Friday I had all of them replaced. Not bad for my first tile floor install. Would anyone else have...
  8. ryan81588

    Building size

    Does anyone have a maximum size building that they will take on? How do you front the money for huge janitorial accounts?
  9. ryan81588

    One price or multiple

    any of you guys charging one monthly price to include janitorial, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, eat. Or are they all separate charges?
  10. ryan81588

    Moving up

    Im thinking of moving from an eldiablo to a Prochem everest hp 650 or a Sapphire 870. Anyone have any experience moving from a diesel heater to a HX? Will I have that much more vacuum?
  11. ryan81588

    Dual wand

    Im planning on dual wanding tomorrow with my El diablo. Ive never ran 2 wands with this machine, I know they sale if as a dual wand machine but will it work well? Any feedback would be awesome!!
  12. ryan81588

    Auto Scrubber vs Propane Stripper

    I Just picked up my 3rd school for nightly cleaning, now I have to deal with stripping and waxing/Scrubbing and re-coating another 92000 square feet. Im currently looking at the Aztec sidewinder work smart system or a new 26 inch advance auto scrubber. Any advise?
  13. ryan81588

    Nasty commercial carpet

    Im cleaning several nasty commercial carpets this weekend. Im planning on using Ultrapac mint fresh pre spray with clean green in the solution tank. Is this my best combo? Any suggestions?
  14. ryan81588

    Construction clean up

    Its been a while since I've done any type of construction clean up. Does anyone know the going rate on this type of work? Price per square foot and such.
  15. ryan81588

    Propane stripper

    I recently purchased as propane stripper. I hate it! It will not strip a floor in one pass like it claims. Am I doing something wrong or are these machines just paper weights?
  16. ryan81588

    Any interest

    is their any interest in a used 1999 ford E-350 van with 89000 miles and an eldiablo with only 80 odd hours?
  17. ryan81588

    how to get new buisness

    how do you guys get more business website direct mail ect.
  18. ryan81588

    Commercial Carpets did not come clean!

    OK so i cleaned these trashed commercial carpets. i used heavy artillery Dry Slurry prevacuumed agitation rx20 with glides how can i get this clean? pic is after i cleaned
  19. ryan81588

    need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a customer wanting to have carpet cleaned time per month already quoted her for yearly at 980 what discount should i give them ???????????????????????????????????????????????????//
  20. ryan81588


    Check out my website any suggestions would help
  21. ryan81588

    new glides

    just put new holed glides on my rx20, would switching to slotted glides give me a little more agitation and drying?
  22. ryan81588

    commercial carpet cleaning

    why does it seem easier to get information and not have doors slammed in your face when you are trying to sale commercial carpet cleaning vs commercial janitorial services?
  23. ryan81588

    i have a square scrub to sale

    i have a lightly used square scrub id like to sale, bought this year and i have no real use for it.
  24. ryan81588

    Please someone ask me

    Please ask me how my new eldiablo, and set up is doing! i got it from sunbelt usa in Raleigh NC
  25. ryan81588

    new webstie

    here is my website not completely finished yet, link not valid, what do you think?