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  1. ASAP

    Barn find! Powerclean Genesis ZXT

    Purchased this unit last week paid $3K really clean Has 975 hours looks great with the exception of the FLIPPING wiring being a MESS.... It does start, but has no settings due to wiring.. Machine SHIPPED directly to JIM NAPE to have a full RECON! PROS AND CONS if you will.... Thank you in...
  2. ASAP


    BARN FIND... found this unit and paid $3K starts and runs but has no settings due to someone TWEAKING on it and unplugging wiring..... I sent it directly to JIM NAPE to give it a RECON! Does anyone here run one or have had one in past?? I read that the older ones had issues...I can't find...
  3. ASAP

    TMT 870

    I bought a TMT 870 W/2100 hours looks like new and runs like a beast!!! Is there anyone here who Owns one and who had modded it or updated it? any kinda issues I may need to address? I've read somewhere about a brass part that would need to be changed to a stainless steel part. Any help would...
  4. ASAP

    Sapphire 870

    I bought a TMT 870 W/2100 hours looks like new and runs like a beast!!! Is there anyone here who Owns one and who had modded it or updated it? any kinda issues I may need to address? I've read somewhere about a brass part that would need to be changed to a stainless steel part. Any help would...
  5. ASAP

    Hiring a guy for the first time..NEED ADVISE ASAP!

    Ive been in the business almost 28 years and have NEVER wanted to add another or at least I thought I didn't...Im 50 and this industry has taken its toll on my shoulders, neck, and elbows.... I did buy a second van and have finally put it together and its ready to roll! I get no less the 10-12...
  6. ASAP


    Has anyone tried this tool?? if so pros and cons please...What all fibers have you tried it one? Carpets? micro-fiber? Thank you in advanced.
  7. ASAP

    FLEX carpet soap

    So I just started to use Flex powdered soap and I keep getting let cottage cheese like soap on the top layer in my Hydraforce sprayer. Is this normal?
  8. ASAP

    2015 Ford Transit 250 cargo van

    Does anyone have the newest FORD TRANSIT 250 cargo van with machine in it? What is your take on it? Pro's? Con's? Pics Any issues? I'm looking to move out of my 2014 CHEVY EXPRESS van....I have the EVEREST 650 HP and want to know how the Ford has been treating y'all.... I don't really...
  9. ASAP

    Yet ANOTHER rotary question! sorry, I want to buy once!

    Ok lets start by saying I have a 360i and a Rx20... I like my Rotovac 360i But I feel its to small. I know theres a 360XL now, just not sure if I'm loving the handle. I love my Rx20 but its to heavy for most Residential homes. Its TOO heavy to lug around. It seems inconvenient to me. My...
  10. ASAP

    Shirts are in! (Post your uniform too)

    We got our new shirts! Thought it would be cool to see the response. A lot of people stop to read them and ask "what does that mean" Cause its funny that you need to keep calm, and call ASAP! SCORE! shirts are a hit!
  11. ASAP

    Social Media... how many of you guys ask for a FB like Or a Online review

    Just curious if y'all ask the customers to "Like" your Facebook and how do you ask? Do you start by saying Hey do you have a Facebook? do you give them a discount? I just started using Facebook 2 weeks ago and I have 148 likes with out asking. is there a better way? I have 50 Google...
  12. ASAP

    Just ordered Hydramaster 4.8 W/salsa package (info NEEDED)

    I've have ALWAYS ran slide-ins...23 years and It's time for a change. I just bought a 2014 Express 2500 and this would be the perfect time to put in PTO system. I've owned Prochem Blazer Prochem Legend Prochem Apex Prochem Everest Prochem Everest 650 I just hope I'm making the right choice. I...
  13. ASAP

    Air Ducted cleaning...A.S.A.P wants to add this

    Anyone doing this as an add on to carpet cleaning? and making it work out for them? I live right in central Valley, LOTS of dust here. Looking for a good set set up... Middle of the road set up, no cheap stuff. Anyone using a good system? My ad says improving your indoor air quality. I want to...
  14. ASAP

    This happened to us yesterday....

    We get a call and schedule a $300.00 job...The girl on the phone was young I could just tell. So I give the estimate and she agrees and its booked for Wednesday. We get there and her and her older dad answers the door he invites us in. We look around and do the job. When we finished they looked...
  15. ASAP

    The words we use in front of Customers..HMMM

    Ok, So I've been doing a test on new customers.... You know when your doing a walk through and they show you around and show you their stains and you say, Oh ya I have the chemicals just for those types of stains. Opposed to saying, Yes OUR cleaning solution is specifically made that...
  16. ASAP

    NEW VAN ((INSTALL)) 2014 Express

    Just finished Installing My machine.....Yes, I did the install out the back door...Why you ask? Cause around her 90% of my work is curb side... So I just made it easier for me... Yes I know I lost room, But its all good AND its worth it to me.... I don't carry fans with me and really don't aim...
  17. ASAP

    Rob Allen's Tilemaster works AM-az-Za-ZinG!

    Ok, Check this out. Rob sent me some Tilemaster about 6 months ago. Ya I know I should have tried it before now.. IT'S awesome!!! The ONLY reason I didn't use in all honesty is cause its in a powder form and I hate mixing soaps... Call me lazy I don't care. So today I had a really dirty job...
  18. ASAP

    Corner guard idea! Don't know if you all have have tried this yet..

    The other day I worked by myself and had this house with FRESHLY painted wood everywhere.... I used a corner guard and those bendy sticks. I tied them around the Banister and bingo bango it stayed in place! Just thought id share this with all y'all
  19. ASAP

    LIP GLIDES.....I used Robs and by far they last longer then the other guys..

    If you never tried the LIP glide Rob sells then you don't know what you and missing... FASTER dry times easy the PUSH & PULL, They don't clog with hair and debris... I did a test with a MODDED glide for just the sound and the LIP glide was just about DOUBLE louder then the MODDED glide. I...
  20. ASAP

    What's the going rate on having another carpet cleaning service help you do a large job?

    I have a couple of LARGE jobs coming up here in Dec…. I want to dual wand out of my van, But the place is TOO big to get done in one day…I've already committed myself to the job, and told the guy I could get it done in 1 day…Pay is good….. 19,400 sqr commercial carpet….not trashed, but soda...
  21. ASAP

    ANYONE live Near Uvalde, TEXAS

    Any one close to Uvalde, TEXAS??? If so call me 209-202-1053
  22. ASAP

    GOOGLE reviews went from 22 to 7...Plus GOOGLE called me to update listing...

    GOOGLE called me see and asked :::: How many Years in business Income How many employees Then congratulated me!!!! for qualifying for one of their low income listings..... She said hold the line while I put a "Specialist" on to talk to you about your options...(ME) CLICK! Well a week later I...
  23. ASAP

    My>>> New to Me BOX VAN Install

    2003 Chevrolet Express 3500 Cutaway 12" box with passenger roll up door. Paid $4200.00 The guy that originally bought it paid almost 40K new... Also I think he used it for carpet cleaning. the reason I think that is cause of the Line-X spay on bed liner, and it looks like a smaller machine...
  24. ASAP

    Does any of you guys or gals have 2 set of reels in the back of your van???

    I'm debating buying a Box van /// Cutaway van /// OR Box truck... I thought maybe to put 2 hose reels side by side coming out the back door, But I really like to carry my Rotovac-360 and Rx-20..... So I was thinking of a box van....I guess I'm having a hard time only getting what I've heard...
  25. ASAP

    PLEASE READ>>>>>>fish tank

    Ok check this out..... So yesterday I gave an estimate in a 4000 sqr foot home with about 3000 of it being carpet and the other being wood..... The kicker is the lady said to me I have a 200 gal fish tank and the last guy that cleaned her carpets KILLED almost $1300.00 in fish and other sea...