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  1. Andy MC

    Namco Scooter jr

    Bought one for $350!! Works perfectly :) Just have to say I love the simpicity of this little thing. Had it set up to clean in about 2 minutes. Very light weight and easy to haul around. If a guy was looking for a light machine to haul up to 2nd 3rd floor apartments .. this is the one for...
  2. Andy MC

    Oh My Goodness, I'm Exposed

    This is kind of a carry over form another thread ( early thank you to TMF) We were discussing a little bit how some many of the large players in the industry advertise here. Any ways my curiosity got ahold of me and I did a little digging. Found the advertising rates page,,, and took a look...
  3. Andy MC

    Sold a vlm job

    Heres how it's done guys, made a whole $95!! If any one is interested I will post a video of the sales pitch I used to land this great account.
  4. Andy MC

    Turbo hybrid

    I have ben slow, slow as snot. So I was quite happy when I got a call from a lady that I did a tile and grout estimate 2 moths ago, she wants me to do the job about $600. Problem is I have crapy tools for tile cleaning. So I bit the bullet and bought a spinner on credit. The job...
  5. Andy MC

    Thank you Joe Burnich!

    I've been a client of Joes since last summer. Couldn't be happier with his work. Recently I had an unusual problem with my site and Joe has gone above and beyond to work with me to get it figured out. I really appreciate the time he took with me , personal attention he gave me, and for...
  6. Andy MC

    Todays job video

    Was over visiting a friend today, noticed he could use a good carpet cleaning. So I couldn't help my self, fired up the TM and gave him the gift of carpet cleaning. Figured I may as well get some video .
  7. Andy MC

    Got a new TM

    Heres a couple videos of my new unit,
  8. Andy MC

    WHats the best 100 bucks you ever spent for your bizz?

    Thought this could be in interesting discussion,, what was the best $100 you spent was? (or around $100) For me it would be a toss up between the silver bullet inline filter , or the hole glide I got a few months ago. I'm still amazed at much faster the hole glide dries carpet and...
  9. Andy MC

    Used the last of my Grese Eraser

    Got down my last bit , been saving it for the right job. That job came in the form of a very neglected polly shag carpet. Very dirty and had a stink to it from all the food spills and general dog stink. Just raked in ,, then One or two passes, and done. (Quick and easy.) Carpet...
  10. Andy MC

    Help Me find deo additive

    I'm looking for a deodorizer additive, something that can be added to my rinse solution that wont ... 1) cause foaming . 2) will leave a light pleasant sent, as well as true odor neutralizing ability. 3) doesn't cost an arm and a leg, 4) Something that wont leave carpets...
  11. Andy MC


    Just testing to see if I c a n up load photos from my new phone Sent from my SCH-R970 using TMF Forums mobile app
  12. Andy MC

    Grease Eraser reveiw

    Only two jobs under my belt with it, was going to wait tell after tomorrow to start this thread (3 more jobs) but I got to say so far this stuff is fantastic! One thing that was a bit of an eye opener, The second job I did with it was a carpet that I had cleaned several times before...
  13. Andy MC

    Magic Potion for rinse?

    Lately I've been using lots of Grease Eater from Magic wand, always with fresh water rinse, was thinking of trying it along with magic potion for rinse. Haven't seen much as far as feedback on this product, anyone using it??? just curious how much difference it makes compared to fresh...
  14. Andy MC

    Feedback on magic wands OSR?

    I will be placing an order with them in a month or two for more Grease eater, looking at some of their other products that I might add to the order. Was wondering how guys are liking their version of OSR? Was thinking it would be nice if I could use it to boost Grease eater for those...
  15. Andy MC

    procyon extreme

    I used my sample of procyon extreme today, some kind of plastic (polly, or olefin) frezzie, shag style. you know the kind were the traffic lanes mat and wont fluff at all with the carpet rake. You vac and no vac lines in the carpet, you all know the stuff. Greased up entry way from kitchen to...
  16. Andy MC


    I've always wanted to try their products but never have. Mainly interested in sunshine deodor, and grease eraser Lately I've Been using extreme clean or powermax on the real dirty jobs, but was thinking a switch to grease eraser would be nice due to it being non toxic, Wondering if...
  17. Andy MC

    rotovac 360

    So I just got this new used rotvac 36oi, love the cleaning results but I notice the carpets are a little wetter than normal, The rotovac website claims it to be dryer then the wand, wonder what others expericne in regards to dry times with the 360 vs the wand? Basicaly I'm wondering...
  18. Andy MC

    Lookin for a used Rotovac

    Looking to pick up a the old style two head rotovac, maybe a 360 if the price is right, if you got an extra you want to sell , send me a PM, Also , I find my self in need of a portable , geting lots of high rise work, and some of these units are to dirty for VLM cleaning , and can't...
  19. Andy MC

    Wednesday's job (video)

    This was a pain full experience, yet enjoyable. lol
  20. Andy MC

    Extreme clean?

    I ran out of my high PH butt kicker pre spray (I like it for trashed apartment work) thought I would try somthing different , so , I picked up a jar of extreme clean. Been sitting in the van fro a few weeks waiting for somthing trashed to try it on. Got a few real bad ones recently so I...
  21. Andy MC

    Poor mans CFM meter

    Here you go
  22. Andy MC

    Lots of cool stuff

    I hope it's OK to post this here, most of this stuff relates to portable cleaning. PM me if interested in any of these iteams. Thank you.
  23. Andy MC

    Jim Morrow the Wise

    Thanks for the information on generators Jim, sorry you had to deal with my weird sense of humor. :)
  24. Andy MC

    Thank you Todd the cleaner

    Hey Todd, I'm the guy that called you up out of the blue today. lol Just wanted to say thanks for answering my questions about the prochem 150, :)
  25. Andy MC

    Clean Free?

    I read Richards reveiw in the chem section, was wondering if any one else has been using it as a pre spray? Would like to hear your thoughts on it? Been testing some green pre sprays latley to find a replacement for procyon . The one I'm trying right now is working real well, But still...