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    Beautiful Spring Day

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    Prochem Blazer

    Can any of you fine folks out there help me, I'm getting my back up unit set up, and on this Prochem Blazer 16hp. There is an electric small square box connected to a circular thing, on the top it says Pro Fuel, has numbers 1-6, this then goes to fuel pump on the Briggs,v when I turn key on the...
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    Blazer user manual

    Can anyone steer me in the direction of finding a pdf file for a old Prochem Blazer.. this is an older machine 16 hp, Briggs Vanguard V-twin
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    Prochem Blazer for back up...

    Can any of you wonderful cleaners full me in on Prochem Blazer cleaning unit, I thinking of acquiring for a back up in case of break down, or van issues, been fortunate for YEARS, LOVE my Genesis 56. I know Blazer won't have near the power, but sometimes Genesis is over kill. Any quirks or...
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    What's current pricing in Midwest?

    I live in central Wisconsin, was curious out there what other companies are charging these days for stripping and refinishing(waxing approx 5 coats), I understand burnishing, etc. Size of job can dictate price, this is about 4800 sq.feet, multiple day/night cause it's a police station, the odd...
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    Genesis xt 56

    Mix tank dual post float control, anyone know where I could buy one Sent from my SCH-R890 using TMF Forums mobile app