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  1. Jan Sullins

    Putting new vacuum motors in CA Recoil. Want your opinions!

    Have several new and almost new vacuum motors I am thinking of putting in my Cross-Recoil 3XPS. The original motors were a decently powerful 3 stage ,a typical 3 stage and a small 2 stage. I have removed all of the original ones. I have several vacuum motors I am thinking about installing into...
  2. Jan Sullins

    New from Cross-American!

    The JAGUAR 8.4 Industrial System Introducing a near perfection extractor ever manufactured by Cross-American. The JAGUAR 8.4 electric Portable/TM is a true Industrial System that the Professional Operator can rely on day in and day out! It is American made by hand by real experts, manufactured...
  3. Jan Sullins

    Advice,opinion on which vac motors to go into Recoil Hybrid?

    I had plans on installing two Electro 084 5.7 3 stage vacuum motors. This would have given me the exact vacuum performance of a Mytee high performance extractor ie. Ltd5 ,M5 etc... I accidently dropped one of them and it fell on the conical bottom and crushed the housing . Don't think I can fix...
  4. Jan Sullins

    New from Cross-American!

    A new CAT has been born ! The Jaguar "CUB" by Cross-American is a very unique Industrial high-performance extractor which features a fully adjustable 0-300 psi piston pump. This feature can also pump-out any left over water in the solution tank. It's a real workhorse that weighs only 46 lbs...
  5. Jan Sullins

    First impressions of Preload Traffic Lane Cleaner!

    A few weeks ago I asked for opinions about Preload Traffic Lane Cleaner. I had some Prochem Ultrapac to use up so today was my first time actually using it. I must say it definiltely lives up to what you guys including Rob Allen said about this product. I used on a light colored residential...
  6. Jan Sullins

    How good is the Preload Prespray?

    Just curious about the TMF Preload. Have some of you purchaced it and if so how do you like it? It seems like a real good deal but just would like to hear from those who have used it! Thanks Jan
  7. Jan Sullins

    Introducing the all New Jaguar!

    The JAGUAR SYSTEM has to be the most updated and precision operating and sounding electric portable truckmounted that I have ever used in the field. And, in such a small modular unit weighing well under 100 lbs., I am really excited about this. Extremely well made. Cross-Americans low profile...
  8. Jan Sullins

    Cross-American Corp. is upgrading its High Performance Portable/Electric Truckmount with the introdu

    Sorry guys accidental thread go to all new Jaguar thread!
  9. Jan Sullins

    TMF Glide Fits just fine!

    Just attached my new TMF glide on my West Pak AW29 look alike very similar to the 503 model that it normally attaches to. I did have to purchace a couple of brass 90 degree fittings but no problem the fit is just incredible. I had to make the jets sit back about a 1/2 inch or the spray...
  10. Jan Sullins

    Have any of you heard or have seen the new Bane-Clene Super Aquamount?

    I have always kept up with Bane-Clene. I feel they have contributed a great deal to the carpet cleaning industry. Also they have certainly improved their electronic Truckmounts by direct coupling electric motors to components such as Vac Blowers and Solution Pump. Much better than belt...
  11. Jan Sullins

    Wanted : Bane-Clene Wand

    I need a Bane Clene wand in good working condition. Preferably a straight one but will consider a curved one as well! Jan Sullins American Kleen Pro 405/821/8629
  12. Jan Sullins

    Pricing in the CC business

    I have been out of the actual carpet cleaning buisiness for several years now. At this time I am a distributor for a few companies mainly Cross-American and Little Giant propane heaters. I have a 17 year old son who wants me to help him start the buisiness back up. Again my problem has to do...
  13. Jan Sullins

    Cross-American Recoil 3HP for sale!

    Cross-American Recoil 3HP portable/truckmount extractor. I am reducing the price from $1450.00 down to $1195.00+shipping The specs on this machine is as follows 1. 3 Stage Lamb Vac motor 99 cfm 2. 2 Stage High performance Domel Vacuum motor 124"H2O lift and 128 CFM over 600 air watts. 3...