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  1. Canada-Eh

    Peroxide in Unchained?

    Hi what's the % of H2O2 in Unchained? + or - 1% give or take :D
  2. Canada-Eh

    Atlantic Canada NL, PE, NS, NB

    Is anybody here from Atlantic Canada NL, PE, NS, NB ??? We are now offering free shipping to you fellas on order over $200 TMF Chemicals and other best brands only. Warm regards, Kenny Cosway 1 (866) 942-2740
  3. Canada-Eh

    How loud is your porty?

    lets find out ;) We tested several extractors to how much noise they make
  4. Canada-Eh

    Anybody live in Manhattan

    How come we never hear much from guys who clean in big east coast cities?
  5. Canada-Eh

    TMF products for those of you in the GTA or SW Ontario

    Hi guys if you live around the GTA or even the Golden Horseshoe. You'll be glad to know we now have the following items in stock: Biopro 10k, GroutMaster, TileMaster, Pro-Safe, Pro Power, Supercap oxy, RSF spiked, Alkaline rinse, Acid Rinse, and Citrus Solve. call or text (416) 717-8455 prior...
  6. Canada-Eh

    Canadian deal of the week for sure

    Check out Cimex Pads Beige for Cimex Carpet Machine CR48CM
  7. Canada-Eh

    Wanted: used Cimex

    I am always on the hunt for used Cimex machines in any condition. Please e-mail Thanks
  8. Canada-Eh

    Buying a new trailer need tips

    I am looking to get a 4x6 or 4x8 this is NOT a TM or even a carpet cleaning rig. I sell CC equipment so it's for that. hauling around 2 or 4 portables new in box or a skid of air movers etc... In winter I sell ice melting products so I need to haul a skid that weighs 2250LBS. My question is...
  9. Canada-Eh

    Virginia Beach

    What's the best Hotel to stay at Virginia Beach in mid March? also hows the weather and beach?
  10. Canada-Eh

    best place for used dehu's east coast?

    where do you search out good used restoration equipment from companies going under or getting out? thanks
  11. Canada-Eh

    Xactimate guys only please

    I know all areas are different and countries as well. I'm in Canada, central. The numbers I'm kicking around are for regular water damage restoration...not the emergency call out. regular tech $25 supervisor $29 Manager $45 is this close to what your area calls for? thanks
  12. Canada-Eh

    urgent need advice on mytee product

    We got hit hard Monday with flash flood. one customer of mine has 167 houses to clean another 102 and many are doing large commercial loss. I need to speak with anybody who has used this Mytee system please e-mail me...
  13. Canada-Eh

    Just cleaned a Mosque

    What a great gig. 16,000 square feet of carpet nobody ever eats on the carpet nobody ever drinks on the carpet nobody ever wears shoes on the carpet carpet is vacuumed 3x a week with a very high quality wide area Kent vac. first time in 21 years not seeing coffee stains all over commercial...
  14. Canada-Eh

    Just ran a marathon

    So I satarted training in January for May 5th marathon. After running all winter I injured my hip and IT band on April 14. Hurt just to walk so I could not run. Missed a few key long runs and key tempo runs. Went to Chiro for ART and acupuncture then went to RMT for massage. They got me back in...
  15. Canada-Eh


    This question is actually for the web master regarding his/her thoughts on "woorank" I ran through woo rank and the results are: 29 passed 6 room for improvement 10 errors to fix traffic estimations = low Do you or any other TMF web site experts/ web masters etc...
  16. Canada-Eh

    2 virgins and a hose bag

    As a former carpet cleaner and responsible portable dealer, I would never let a new porty owner leave my shop without a number of essential tools. My friends down the street let newbs walk out with an abused used porty wand and some hoses and that's all she wrote. I on the other hand only...
  17. Canada-Eh

    Anybody selling your CC Biz?

    anybody here selling out?
  18. Canada-Eh

    Why no Asian, Brown or Black babies/people?

    I noticed all you guys with web sites that show babies, families, dogs and cats it is almost always a white family. Don't you guys have any non white clients? Ps. Please don't tell me your best friend is black :D
  19. Canada-Eh


    Anybody using is it worth the $49
  20. Canada-Eh

    If you were a dealer?

    What would you do? (I already know I'm going to get trashed and bashed here some how some way:p) Guy calls me wants to start CC co. we talk for 1 hour. Comes in to talk some more about all the equipment, 1 hour. negotiates a very good deal and gets to spread payment over 3 months interest...
  21. Canada-Eh

    How many guns do you own?

    I don't own a single gun and never considered buying one. I don't hunt. Should I get a gun? I'm going to the USA for Christmas, should I get a GLOCK or something like it? What's a good gun?
  22. Canada-Eh

    One thing you never read on the forums

    One thing you never read on the forums: "I took a Ninja out of the box and it's garbage" "My brand new Ninja broke down on the first job" "My new Ninja pump wont work" "My new Ninja is busted and I can't get the manufacturer on the phone to help me" Just sayin:D
  23. Canada-Eh

    do not ASK deron for pics or video

    :( please stop asking this guy for his picture. dude is straight up FUGLY
  24. Canada-Eh

    Ford 6.0 Diesel

    Note: this is for a daily driver not for TM cleaning. I'm thinking about buying a Ford truck that has 6.0 diesel. I know Ford had problems with this motor and this particular truck has had all the fixes done at the dealer. Any real question is this: I know nothing about owning a...
  25. Canada-Eh

    Big Bully

    It has come to our attention that you have been using the IICRC logo in your advertising. It is policy that only IICRC certified firms are entitled to use the logo. Please take the logo off all places you have it on your website immediately. Thank you for your cooperation