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  1. greg2206

    Hydro-Force: SX-15 replacement Swivel With Flange, NX105

    Is there a way to take this swivel apart and repair it? I don't have the use on the SX-15 that would or should I say warrants for this swivel to be leaking like it is thus not enough pressure to spin the spinner. I used an Allen wrench to remove the bushing but don't see any other threaded...
  2. greg2206

    Could I have done better??

    Could I have gotten these better?? I presprayed with an alkaline and agitated with a bonnet cleaning process then hot water extracted. This was the worst carpet I have ever cleaned. I can’t believe that people would live like this. Just wanting some advise or if a different chemical would have...
  3. greg2206

    Heater Portable Spotters

    I would like some advice or opinions on a heated portable spotter extractor. I am really looking at the Mytee Lite with a 1000 watt heating element as well as a 3 stage vacuum motor. I currently have five Sandia portables and very frustrated with the constant fixing the wires that attach the...
  4. greg2206

    Mytee upholstery tool

    greg2206 submitted a new Showcase Item: Mytee upholstery tool Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. greg2206

    Flushing a rug

    Where can I buy the wand / squeegee tool to help rinse out the chemicals?
  6. greg2206

    Area Rug Cleaning using the Rugbadger or the Centrum Force Rug Dusters

    Wanted to get some feed back on the use of the Rugbadger as well as maybe the Centrum Force rug dusters. We are looking at purchasing one or the other. Any positive or negative information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Greg