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  1. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Truck Mount Trailer for Sale

    Fully insulated Trailer, Truck Mount, Equipment and Chemicals . PM me with any questions and offers. Asking $18,000 New heating coil, General Pump, all new gauges and belts replaced. Trailer has new brakes shoes and drums. This runs excellent. If you are interested in getting a Truck Mount...
  2. Superior Sealing Solutions

    HotShot Trailer Multi-Surface Cleaning Unit

    This HotShot Trailer is beautifully made in excellent condition and fully insulated so it can be easily heated with an oil filled heater during winter months. 19hp Kohler EFI fuel efficient engine General, Emperor Series 3000psi high pressure pump, Sutorbuilt 3L Vacuum blower motor Electric...
  3. Superior Sealing Solutions

    For Sale Carpet Cleaning equipment

    Anyone interested in a New Mytee LTD12 Portable. It was only tested on a 10 x 10 Carpet. Then put into indoor storage. I also have a Rotovac 360i Rotary with Carpet brush head with teflon glides. Only used on 3 small rooms. Rotovac Turbo Hybrid high pressure rotary Tile tool th-12ca. Only...
  4. Superior Sealing Solutions

    House pressure washing

    Can Grout Master be used instead of Slo-Mo as a surfactant with SH cleaning solution? Has anyone used Grout Master on Vinyl siding?
  5. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Tile identification

    Does anyone know what kind of tile this is? The shine is from a coating the flat black is the original title. Im thinking slate. The tile scratches with a razor blade. This is in a department store. Not sure why they would install flat black tile in a commercial restroom.
  6. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Will an acid cleaner hurt this type of tile?

    What can i use on this type tile for soap scum. Will an acid cleaner hurt it. I haven't seen it in person but the customer sent me this picture.
  7. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Dog peeing on bathroom tile.

    Customer wants me to clean and color seal their bathroom tile. They say the dog sometimes urinates on the toilet and tile surrounding it. Ill be cleaning with Grout Master, hot water spinner then color sealing. Should I take any other steps because of the urine?
  8. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Heating a TM trailer

    Does anyone have a better less expensive way to keep your trailer above freezing. This oil filled heater does the job but its expensive to run because it doesn't have a way to manage the temp inside the trailer.
  9. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Sealed tile?

    Im not sure what kind of tiles these are. They look like some kind of clay tile that have been sealed. The customer just wants a tile cleaning and grout color sealed. Going on the assumption that the tiles have some sort of coating on them. what temp and psi would you use on the spinner? Im...
  10. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Hot Shot TM regulator leek

    Does anyone know where i can find a new regulator? This one sprung a leek. The leek is hard to see but its right behind the blue hose. Im pointing to it in the one pic.
  11. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Tile and grout stripping

    This customer wanted me to clean and color seal her tile and grout. She said nothing was ever done to the tile but its obvious it was coated with a nonskid media applied. How difficult and messy is this to strip off ? Im assuming it would be easier if the house was emptied. Using CRB , and...
  12. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Do you have to reclaim water

    When powerwashing sidewalks can you just let the water drain into the street if using biodegradable cleaning products or just water? If not how do you reclaim the water without it being sucked into the TM tank. I imagine I'll be picking up tiny pebbles and stuff i don't want going through my...
  13. Superior Sealing Solutions

    GoDaddy wants to make me a website.

    Has anyone used Godaddy for web design? What are the pros and cons?
  14. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Did i over charge on this estimate?

    Does this happen to anyone else ? I did an estimate last week for tile and grout cleaning plus color sealing. The grout was regrouted and was coming up in alot of different areas. I charged $3.50 a sq ft, there was 746 sq of tile. I was going to clean , level out the the missing regout with the...
  15. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Wet Vinyl plank flooring

    This basement floor flooded. I told the owner he needed to get the the water out from in between the vinyl plank flooring and the concrete floor or mold will grow and it will start to smell. So i took a few air movers and placed them just under the vinyl at a couple door ways. They dried the...
  16. Superior Sealing Solutions

    No Heat, HELP!

    My Farley heater is giving me trouble. It was working but the electronic pilot light wasn't working as well as I would like it too. so I dropped the line feeding the propane into the pilot and cleaned out the jet. i sprayed air into the port where the line connects into. then put it back...
  17. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Slate in shower stall

    I have a job to look at and its a slate shower stall with alot of soap scum. I use Zep Tub and Tile cleaner on ceramic tiles and bathtubs to remove soap scum and it works great. Whats the worst that can happen if i use it on the slate? It has a 2 to 3 ph
  18. Superior Sealing Solutions

    How long does it take to color seal?

    So i did my first ever color seal using Grout Perfect yesterday. It was two restrooms at just under 500 sq. of skinny uneven not deep and some raised grout lines with 10" tile. One bathroom had 4 stalls the other 2 stalls. This took my worker and I (7 )hours of nonstop work to complete. I know...
  19. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Grout Master PH?

    Does anyone know the PH in Grout Master?
  20. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Garden hose sink adapter

    Can i hook up my TM to a indoor kitchen sink? If so I need a recommendation on a good adapter. It will flow into a 5 gal water box so im hoping the water flow will be enough to keep water pumping thru the system.
  21. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Dirty grout tool

    Has anyone ever use this grout tool. I just ordered one. Ill let you all know how it works when i get it.
  22. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Time to winterize the TM

    This is the first time I'll be winterizing my TM. Will this antifreez be ok to use? I got it at Camping World.
  23. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Power washing gun

    Hi , whats a good power washing gun with spray tips? Is there a difference between using hot water and cold water.
  24. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Hot chocolate on new concrete

    Hi, I need help ASAP. has anyone ever removed a hot chocolate stain from new concrete. A brand new convenience store opened 2 weeks ago and someone spilt a full cup of hot chocolate right in front of the entrance. This is a big convenience store chain that are building even more stores in the my...
  25. Superior Sealing Solutions

    Email overload

    My email is getting swamped with TMF. Every time someone answers a post I'm participating in it goes to my email. How do i stop that?