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  1. caycesch

    Over an hour travel time both ways minimum charge

    What would be your minimum charge if the job was a bit over an hour each way ? Being the slowish time factors but still far drive.
  2. caycesch

    Cancellation charge

    Anyone charge late cancellation fee? I do not but was just wondering if anyone does on last minute cancels. Have a had a bunch lately for various reasons and really screws up schedule for the day.
  3. caycesch

    Credit card fees

    Those of you who let your clients pay credit card fees, how do you add it on to bill if you bill your clients via email in which they have option to use card or mail check? Does fee kick in if they choose to pay by card?
  4. caycesch

    Anyone ever use Securus Contact Systems?

    Hello Has anyone ever use this answering service and what was the experience ? Thanks Cayce
  5. caycesch

    What's the best tool to tackle this stone floor?

    I have a spinner tool but stone floor is very uneven. What's the best way to clean ? It's in a restaurant/ hotel lobby so very soiled. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. caycesch

    Upholstery Tool

    Hello what are you all using for upholstery. Using the sapphire scientific now but don't like the overspray. Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. caycesch

    Filtration soil

    How does everyone charge for this service ? Included in spot cleaning? Specialty service?
  8. caycesch

    PMF ti 15" wand glide

    Anyone know what glide goes on the PMF Ti 2" 15" wand? I bought fromTMF but no one can answer me. Would like a hybrid to replace the two screwed into the wand that have cracked. Can't seem to find online.
  9. caycesch

    How to switch tools while pressure on without opening bypass?

    Anyone have suggestions on switching from wand to say upholstery tool with no bypass without opening bypass at machine or lowering pressure at van?
  10. caycesch

    Spring postcard.

    What do you all think of my new spring Eddm ?
  11. caycesch

    Anyone pay for yelp ads?

    Has anyone paid to advertise with yelp?
  12. caycesch

    Moving Refrigerators when cleaning tile and grout.

    Does anyone move refrigerators when cleaning tile and grout? If so , is there an extra charge.
  13. caycesch

    Did Pro 10K take the place of pre-load 5?

    Did I miss something? Did this Pro 10K take the place of preload 5? I love pre load 5. Is it just as good?
  14. caycesch

    Thank you Ben Saney

    Just have to say thank you to Ben from Amtex! On the job today and tech had an issue with pressure on Inferno. Called Ben on his cell and answered right away and walk us through quick fix. Was back working within a short time. Awesome customer service at Amtex!
  15. caycesch

    Anyone have any experience with Got a call today said they are partnering with Lowes and local contractors. Not sure if it will work with carpet cleaners.
  16. caycesch

    Need a space heater recommendation

    Does anyone know of a good propane space heater?
  17. caycesch

    PreLoad 5 overspray on wood floor

    Need some advice on removing preload prespray off of wood floor. Any suggestions would help. Thanks
  18. caycesch

    Anyone ever dealt with henna ink on carpet?

    Anyone have any suggestions for removal of henna ink on carpet?
  19. caycesch

    Scout Hornet Stack

    Anyone have any reviews of this machine?
  20. caycesch

    Anyone ever work with

    Looking at a rebuilt Prochem 405 to purchase from Is it a good deal?
  21. caycesch

    Has any ever worked with this company and is this a good deal? A Prochem 405 rebuilt for $12,900 with fresh water tank and new hoses? Thanks
  22. caycesch

    BactiBarrier to prevent mold growth on upholstery

    Anyone ever try BactiBarrier on upholstery that is to be stored to prevent mold growth?