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    Silver Solder on Boxxer XL heat exchange???

    Any experience out there with this pathway to repair HX? If it doesnt work Ill likely redo unit to bypass hx and go LP... Found a repair shop that actually promised they could fix it so Im in. Thanks---
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    Silver solder for Heat xchanger??? ( my new gently used boxxer xl )

    Anyone have any experience with these finned tube hx? I gave it to a plumbing company to try to fix... they do a lot of silver solder with copper. Its a repair shop. The guy says he will fix with no problem. Sure would beat the $1600 for a new one. If this does not work Id like to redesign for...
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    Buying at Boxxer XL thats frozen

    So Im buying a 2012 Boxxer XL that was well maintained... until... someone in this guys family who was supposed to stay on the heater didnt when the guy went away for 6 months and stopped putting the propane heater in the trailer. OUCH!!! It froze... and the fined tube heat exchanger brass...
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    Boxxer XL fined tube heat exchanger cracked

    Im buying this 6yo machine from a guy that took great care of his unit... oil change every 50 hours etc etc. One night recently, the one night he forgets the propane heater, the brass elbows, like 7 of them snapped open. Is the heat exchanger really $1600 from Hydramaster??? Geez... in the pic...
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    mod ideas for truckforce 3500

    Picked one up for our highrise hotel projects. No more hose runs allowed! Saw an old post from locko running one 3 stage and only getting another inch. Its a 5 year old unit with 100 hrs on it. Would it be feasable to replace all 3 2 stge with those hp mytee motors? Heard they draw less. Welcome...