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  1. Jason Miller

    11K website update

    Don't ask me how I managed to hire geeks 2 of my employees are geeks. Anyway I had them look at my site an ask for their input. I asked them what they think I paid for it and the one said 10 Grand I said how the heck you know ? he said well that's usually what ripoffs charge for something...
  2. Jason Miller

    Selling tile & grout cleaning

    Question: You're in a client's home cleaning their carpets and of course you can't help but notice all the money waiting for you on the tile and grout floors..... How do you sell them on it ? What do you find most effective on getting them to buy ?
  3. Jason Miller

    Steal a Door ?

    Today Rob showed me his seal a door an in comparison to the original seal a door.... why the hell would you not want Robs door ? It's lighter much lighter It's see through which is a really nice awesome cool feature. Jason: why don't you manufacturer these Rob: I was going to but to...
  4. Jason Miller

    For you Mike.

    See if this will turn out to be a interesting thread for you from a newbie. Is a 1000 bucks a month to much for seo ?
  5. Jason Miller

    Paper supply bid

    This monster building we're bidding on also wants us to quote them for paper supplies. Toilet paper, hand soap & trash bags no paper towels.... how the heck do I even start ? Traffic: 1000 people a day mon through Thursday 2000 a day Friday through Sunday About 40 employees Sales floor...
  6. Jason Miller

    30 k sq ft building

    Looked at a large thrift store building today all but 30 k sq feet of vct floors. They want us to give them a quote on: Coming in every night to, Dust mop and run auto scrubber of the floor Clean bathrooms 6 bathrooms total not very big ones. Typical 2 stallers. Clean mirrors in 7 changing...
  7. Jason Miller

    Pump bogging down

    On my Blue Line champ: Last 2 times I had it out when I went to flip the switch to engage the pump it stalled the engine. Water box is full Throttle all the way out And it's more of a stall because the engine is under pressure not because a kill switch shut it down. After I slowly push...
  8. Jason Miller

    Fuel line

    I'm getting ready to put my Blue Line champ into my 250 Ford Econoline van. What kind of kit do I need to tap into the van fuel tank for the TM and where do I get it ?
  9. Jason Miller

    Photo shop

    Just figured out HP has a carpet cleaning company now I'm trying to figure out if this photo is photoshopped or how the hell did he build such a massive multi truck company ?
  10. Jason Miller

    Laminate floor

    They want me to clean this and shine it up. The floor is in a chicken plant so lots of grease. I'm thinking 175 with a white pad ? What should my solution of choice be ? Can I apply anything to give it a shine ?
  11. Jason Miller

    Repolish this floor ?

    One of our clients asked me what I can do with this floor, I believe it to be some sort of polished concrete floor ? Also they are wondering if I can put some of sealer on to shine it up ??
  12. Jason Miller

    Cubical walls

    Got a call from a company that wants their cubical walls cleaned. Almost 300 wall panels Only a few had stains I was concerned about but for 95% of em they don't look dirty at all. So what are your thoughts ? VLM ? How would you approach it ? Pricing ? Run Forest Run? ???
  13. Jason Miller

    Vaccum hose cuffs

    I need some 2.5 inch vac hose connectors and cuffs I've looked on google, jon don and I can't find any. Where are you finding yours ?
  14. Jason Miller

    Bone saw is the stuff !!

    My brother and I stripped a job on Friday night using bonesaw for the first time. Results: Mixed it 1:20 applied it very heavy got so slippery we could hardly mop it out. Let it dwell for 15 min Got set up to strip Holy sh!t the wax disappeared floor went from being very slippery "lot...
  15. Jason Miller


    My brother bought a brand new buggy today. 11 g he paid for it normally go for 15. Should I be embarrassed that he paid more for his bundle of sticks than what I did for my TM ?
  16. Jason Miller

    Help with Dance Studio

    Got a call yesterday from a 10,000 sq foot dance studio. Has 5 dance studios each studio has 6 6×6 wall mirrors. Which need cleaned every week. So 30 mirrors total. Dust mop studio floors only wet mop once a month with no chemical. Once a month clean ceiling fans and lights, each studio...
  17. Jason Miller

    How bad ?

    Today fired my Blueline Champ up let it warm up. Pulled throttle out Turned pump on and engine stalls. Check water reserve it's empty forgot to turn water on, turn water on let tank fill up. Engine stalls 2 more times after I turn pump on finally on the third time it was fine. What's going on ?
  18. Jason Miller

    Bummed out and discouraged

    My helper in our commercial side called of sick Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday let's me know he's going to the doctor today he texts me and says on the way to the hospital. Wednesday & Thursday are big nights usually. Anyway my wife gets a bad feeling about it and calls the hospital, you guessed it...
  19. Jason Miller

    Help needed

    Got this tile and grout job I've had the luxury of playing around with. Note: tried the following before I knew of grout master or grout demon. I used a chemical from hillyard that they recommended using, 10 min dwell time, agitate with 175 & grit brush head, extract and rinse. Got alot of...
  20. Jason Miller

    Chemical meter

    Been trying to get my meter working. If I prime it I can get a very small flow not much at all through the prime line using vaccum but can't get a steady flow. Also the ball in the meter just bounces all over the place. How do I trouble shoot ??
  21. Jason Miller

    Oil leak

    So on my Blue Line Champ I've been having a oil leak and as advised cleaned it up located the leak which seemed to be coming from the head cover seals. Put new seals in, still leaks. Ok, maybe the valve cover heads are cracked. Put new valve cover heads on. Ya guessed it damn thing still leaks...
  22. Jason Miller

    Greased up

    Got this carpet coming up its in a body shop and loaded up with grease so what do I do soak it up with citrus flex, dwell, agitate with 175 and extract with T-Rex?
  23. Jason Miller

    Shine it up

    What do I do to give this floor a nice glossy wet looking shine ?
  24. Jason Miller

    Good stuff or hack stuff

    Anybody know anything about this brand of wax ?
  25. Jason Miller

    The hell ???

    Today I plug in my 3 month old T-Rex. .. the freaken thing starts flying all over the place. I tried messing with the handle to see if it's stuck but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions?