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  1. JanitorByNight

    Burnishing Questions

    I’m trying to get better results from burnishing VCT and trying to make sure I’m doing everything right so any and all advice is appreciated. I burnish 5 schools and almost all of them have uneven floors so I’m trying to figure out how to get the best results under those circumstances. I’m...
  2. JanitorByNight

    Wanted: 24V Charger

    I’m looking for a 24V charger for an autoscrubber or advice on how to fix one. Mine just stopped charging. Thanks for the help!
  3. JanitorByNight

    VCT Restorer

    Which restorer do you guys recommend for burnishing VCT and how strong would you mix it in an autoscrubber?
  4. JanitorByNight

    Can this carpet be saved?

    One of our nearby places of worship asked me to try to see if I could save this carpet. What do you guys think? Is it salvageable? How would you attack it? I encapped one room with Rocket and it lightened up? Should I also extract or am I wasting my time altogether?
  5. JanitorByNight

    Strip & Wax Problem

    I helped a buddy of mine strip this room Monday. We had to strip it 3 times to get all the wax off. He stayed and waxed it but we were having issues with water (stripper, neutralizer?) seeping up in between the tiles when we would step in certain areas. He set out an air mover for a while...
  6. JanitorByNight

    Water Otter Question

    I’ve been looking for a decent deal on a water otter pump so I can do ceramic with my portable. I decided to try and find a used one with funds for new toys tight. I came across this one. It has the pressure gauge re-routed for some reason. What do you guys think? Any drawbacks to this...
  7. JanitorByNight

    Windsor Vacuum Motor Replacement

    Anyone know where to find a cheap replacement for a Windsor versamatic plus 18" vacuum motor? I'm not sure but I think this one is shot. Something smells burnt and it begins to smoke. I took the motor out and shook several tiny stainless steel balls out of the motor. Not sure if they came...
  8. JanitorByNight

    Burnishing Advice

    I am trying to get better results when I burnish but not sure where to start. I use the aqua Niagara pads. The problem is that these are schools floors and they only want to pay for me to burnish once a month. And on top of that the maintenance is terrible at a couple of the schools and the...
  9. JanitorByNight

    Mechanically-Challenged! Help Please!

    I had a fitting crack and start leaking on my Mytee 1003DX. I was able to get it off no problem but can't figure out how to get the new fitting back on without kinking the black hose. Here's a couple pics that I hope explain what I'm trying to say:
  10. JanitorByNight

    Spot From AC Leak

    Any way to remove a spot like this? I'm planning on encapping the rest of this school library with ReviveIt Rocket and pad and bonnet but not sure if that would remove this stain.
  11. JanitorByNight

    VLM Process

    I want to try VLM for the first time tomorrow and curious what you guys would recommend as far as process with my equipment and supplies. I have an Orbot Sprayborg and just ordered supplies from Bonnet Pro. I have the Revive and Revive Plus pads, a case of Iron Man bonnets, and ReviveIt Rocket...
  12. JanitorByNight

    VCT Floor Finish Problems

    I waxed a cafeteria today and it came out great overall but there are a few spots that have what appear to be streaks in the finish. Anyone know what causes this?
  13. JanitorByNight

    Wanted: Aztec Sidewinder

    I'm looking to upgrade from an Eagle Tracker propane stripper to a Sidewinder. Anyone have a used one they want to get rid of or know someone that might? Also, anyone ever used the Aztec Liquidator? Curious to know people's opinions on it as well. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  14. JanitorByNight

    Which Upholstery Tool?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Samco upholstery tool. I've read good things about the Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pro on here but it appears that there is a version for portables and another for truckmounts. I use a 1003DX portable. Just wondering if anyone has used their portable version...
  15. JanitorByNight

    Upholstery Advice Please!

    Hey guys, I've committed to cleaning about 200 chairs for our church by April 11. The last time I cleaned them was about 2 years ago and I used Avenge HD and Avenge Clean Rinse. I'm out of those products currently. I use Bio Break on carpets and was wondering if this would be safe to use on...
  16. JanitorByNight

    How much would you pay for this?

    I'm looking to upgrade from a portable unit and a friend is looking to upgrade his current truckmount do I was thinking of buying his current unit. It is a Prochem Legend SE but with over 7K hours. What can you guys tell me about this unit and how much is it worth van and all? Sent from...
  17. JanitorByNight

    Propane Stripper Leaving Lines

    I bought a used Eagle Tracker propane stripper and it is leaving lines in the tile. It appears to be leaving them in the center of the two brushes that spin. Any ideas on what could be causing this and a solution. Both of the brushes are brand new.
  18. JanitorByNight

    Hydroforce Revolution Issue?

    I mainly do commercial janitorial and VCT but bought a Mytee 1003DX to keep up the carpets in my accounts. I use a Hydroforce Revolution Injection Sprayer but I'm wondering if the ratios on the dial are off somehow. If I put two quarts in the sprayer and do the bucket test should I get two...
  19. JanitorByNight

    Temp For Laying Floor Finish

    After you've stripped VCT do you guys have an optimal temp that you want to get the room to before applying finish? If waxing a large area in sections do you turn the air off to prevent it from drying too fast and then turn it back on as you exit the room or what is your strategy?
  20. JanitorByNight

    Feathering Floor Finish

    I've heard the term "feathering floor finish" thrown around a few times on the forum and just wondering if someone can tell me what this means and how you do it?
  21. JanitorByNight

    Check out my newest toy! And tell me what I've purchased???

    I purchased this Orbot SprayBorg for $900 last week from a guy in New Orleans that was about to move and didn't want to take it with him. He claims that it cost $3500 new and that he used it for one account 8 or 9 times. The $3500 price tag seemed a little steep to me. I need something...
  22. JanitorByNight

    Anyone have a 3M Easy Shine floor finish applicator? Aztec Liquidator? Aztec Guzzler?

    I am looking for opinions on these 3 products. I have to strip & refinish 3 schools and a Vo-Tech building this summer and I'm always looking for ways to improve the stripping and waxing process without sacrificing quality. I'm pretty sold on the 3M applicator and Aztec Liquidator but I've...
  23. JanitorByNight

    Mytee 1003DX Troubleshooting

    I am having issues with my 1003DX. It worked fine the last time that I used it which is not very often. It has been approximately 6 months since I used it last. Today I wanted to use it to clean some upholstered chairs but when I turned the pump on it immediately shot past 1000psi. It stays...
  24. JanitorByNight

    What are these 175 brushes used for?

    The top left is a very stiff bristle. The top right and lower left are wood bristles with the top right feeling more aggressive. The lower right has a several very fine black bristles. They were given to me by an account that was cleaning out and they fit my 175 but I'm unsure of what they're...
  25. JanitorByNight

    How To Remove This Stain

    I'm fairly new to carpet cleaning and have been trying to get the basics by cleaning my carpet, neighbors, relatives etc... This is a pic of the carpet in my house. It was the first job I did with my Mytee 1003DX and I must have put the sofa back before the carpet was dry enough because now...