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  1. manbearpig

    best sealer for porceilen tile

    Don’t put sealer on the tile. It will make it much worse and be a nightmare to remove
  2. manbearpig

    What are your favorite tools for hard surface cleaning?

    Turbo hybrid mini. I use these mainly for the area between the toilet and wall where the larger tool doesn’t fit. The turbo hybrids are the best spinner tools out there
  3. manbearpig

    Swivel or Non Swivel preference?

    I would get one....bright green?
  4. manbearpig


    NEVER EVER EVER apply wax to a ceramic or porcelain tile! Sure, seal the grout. But, NEVER EVER EVER wax the tile!
  5. manbearpig


    It won’t turn out bad, but you may have to redo the cleaning with a stronger floor stripper to remove the wax or topical finish that shouldn’t have been applied in the first place. If the finish is mop n glo ( a super low quality finish) groutmaster will usually take it off in my experience...
  6. manbearpig

    Nextdoor app

    I get stuff on there regularly. Usually, if someone mentions carpet cleaning several of my customers will chime in and recommend me. I’ve never tried advertising on there though
  7. manbearpig

    Ever wonder how to get fabric paint out of carpet? Here ya go.

    I think that’s one reason it works faster, being more liquidy. CTI’s spotters have always been great. Pro solv has been out for over 20 years....attn newbies: get a bottle of this stuff on your truck!
  8. manbearpig


    I haven’t come across a situation where it wasn’t safe to use groutmaster. You let it dwell too long if it starts to dry out ( or it wasn’t sprayed heavy enough. )
  9. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    Insulting? I don’t think so.
  10. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    Lol. You’re simply toooo easy. Not even a challenge. I’m bored!
  11. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    I was wrong. You’re obviously not 5 yet[emoji3]
  12. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    You embarrass our industry
  13. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    I will assume you are older than 5. Get over it!
  14. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    Roland and the gang at HCP have been great. I went there with my wife last week to set up our online booking and tweak a few things. They have done nothing less than jump through rings of fire for us since day 1 ( about a year ago). Roland... be glad the impossible to please are identifying...
  15. manbearpig

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    We’ve used HCP for a year now. I wouldn’t be without it. My customers love it. It makes my life easy. Well worth the money.
  16. manbearpig

    May be a stupid question but

    Some bearing grease every so often on the plastic gears. Interlink never told me that but the guy who fixes them said it’s a must. I started doing that to mine every few weeks or so
  17. manbearpig

    TMF Emoji recommendations

    [emoji79]don’t forget this one
  18. manbearpig

    Can anyone give me a few before and after pics for my webpage please ?

    That photo was of a really dirty tile. Not altered a bit. It did have wax on it that turned dark and the lighting was just right. This pic is from my iPhone. Thank you Rob Allen for groutmaster!
  19. manbearpig

    Suggestion for HCP

    I’m going to be setting up online booking. I guess being able to adjust the time frame according to the job size would be nice. Does it really take 6 hours for 8 rooms?
  20. manbearpig

    The mother of all wands...........

    The devastator wands are pricey but I’ve never heard of anyone who has one not liking it. I guess it’s a matter of preference. I use the Prochem titanium 6 jet and love it. It’s lighter and just feels better. If it’s gonna be in your hands 5 hours or so a day, it better feel perfect. My thoughts...
  21. manbearpig

    Please post your RSF prespray pics here

    Just sprayed it and sucked it! No agitation
  22. manbearpig

    Diesel Truck / Gas Carpet Cleaner who has accomplished this?

    I had a 25 gallon tank made for my Everest in a diesel ford transit. Whole thing cost about $1000 and was done quick and easy. It was mounted under the back of the van. Interlink wouldn’t do an installation with a fuel cell inside the van
  23. manbearpig

    Rat nasty