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  1. mustangcarpet

    Any Prochem Everest EFI owners?

    How are these machines?? We are considering getting one.
  2. mustangcarpet

    Citrus solv II

    Anyone try this new stuff yet? What's the big difference? is it better than the original??? I was at interlink yesterday and saw it but got the regular citrus solv.
  3. mustangcarpet

    Sour smell

    Edit: Keep in mind this is while we're at the job not a day(s) later.. if it smells day(s) after I know what that means.. We just cleaned a house of carpet that wasn't in too bad of shape. It is 19 year old carpet but just has some traffic areas but nothing too major. Anyways we used Cobb...
  4. mustangcarpet

    That awkward moment

    When you are pulling up to your second job and you see Coit in the driveway...but they're just doing the air ducts.
  5. mustangcarpet

    Versa Clean VT1200

    Does anyone here own the Versa Clean VT1200? We just had people from Sapphire come out last week and gave us a demo on this machine and it was very nice. We hardly use portable machines and when we do we rent them and do not like them that much. This one pumps out very nice and seems powerful...
  6. mustangcarpet

    Best prespray for heavy heavy traffic cgd carpet

    I am new to this forum and have read a lot of posts on here recently and think this website is awesome.. Anyways we just did part of a Dillard's department this evening that hasn't been cleaned in years. It obviously gets traffic on it all day so I am asking what pre sprays you all use for super...