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  1. aaminc

    Barcode readers

    Has anyone ever used a barcode reader to inventory what is on every van every time they leave the shop.
  2. aaminc

    Temperature control

    Any suggestions on a Thermometer that I can use at my shop and will alert me if the temperature drops below a certain point. Preferably through my cell phone. Thanks
  3. aaminc

    Boxxer 421

    Can you give me a idea of what the problem would be if water is coming out of the small hole in the top of the water box when the pump is on pump/in on ?
  4. aaminc

    Fuel pump down again

    I have a 3 yr old Boxxer 421 and today the fuel pump went down again. This is the third time I replaced it. Is this normal or not? It is a easy enough cheap repair but it sucks when it goes down and ruins the day.
  5. aaminc

    What would you have done

    I did a tile clean and seal last saturday and monday I get a email and it said she wasnt completly happy with the results and would like a partial refund. I told her I would like to come out and take a look and did so today. I really see nothing wrong with how it turned out as I hope picture...
  6. aaminc

    Suggestions please

    I got the chance to bid on about 12000 sq ft of very dirty kitchen tile that needs the grout cleaned. The problem is that it cant in any way be reached with hoses to use a sx-15 or heat. I have a few ideas but would like to know what anyone else would use. ( searching for a better idea )
  7. aaminc


    Has anyone ever heard of this company? They called and want us to "rent" their website and I was wondering if anyone has had used them in the past
  8. aaminc

    Office cleaning bid

    I just finished typing a bid that has to be in monday morning and was second guesssing I was curious on what you guys would price a 12,000 sq ft 5 day per week office cleaning at ..8 single stall bathrooms vacuaming and trash and clean glass doors.Any input would be appreciated.
  9. aaminc

    Any suggestions

    IMG_20110721_200206.jpg Someone called me today who has this in their shower stall floor and wants to know if it can be salvaged. Its over 50 yrs old and she said it has some black areas as well. She has tried scrubbing it with comet,bleach ect ect and nothing...
  10. aaminc

    Apartment bidding

    I got a call today to stop down tommorow and give pricing for carpet cleaning on move outs. This is a local complex and I was wondering on how you guys price these to be competitive. We really would like to get this so any help would be much appriciated.
  11. aaminc

    Lost Buisness today

    Well I ended a 3 year buisness connection today, a constuction company which we have done work for off and on had us start a small job as we always have with a aggreed upon price and we got started. Everything was going well and they then send me a twenty page contract that blew me away. We...
  12. aaminc

    Film on windws

    We are bidding a after constuction remodel of a older office building. They want the windows cleaned as part of it in/out. The outside windows have a film from water running down the building for years. The maintenance peolple havent been able to get them cleaned for years. What can I use to wow...
  13. aaminc

    Marks on carpet

    My solution hoses are leaving blue marks on the carpet. They come right out after running the wand over them but is there anything I can do to correct this?
  14. aaminc

    When do you walk away?

    I got a call from a lady saying that she wanted acouple of rooms and stairs cleaned. She had called 2 other companys that came out and were rude. We get to the house and I have never seen anything quite like it hard to paint a picture of how bad it was. I explained to her that the carpet needs...
  15. aaminc

    Terrazo Floors

    Ok here is the question I have a customer who inherited her mothers house in DeerFeild beach Flordia.The house has Terrazo floors that had carpet over them for years. When they removed the carpet the floors were in good shape except that she had a cat and it has cat pee stains on it. My question...
  16. aaminc

    Boxxer 421

    I was cleaning out my van today and noticed alittle oil on the right side of my machine.(near the front of machine) on the ground. I cant seem to find where it is coming from. The machine is new is this something to worry about or any ideas on what it might be?
  17. aaminc

    Any Suggestions?

    This is acouple of pics on a bar floor I am bidding. They have waxed it for years and as you can see the wax is worn and dirty and they want it off. My question to everyone is has anyone ran into this and how hard is this going to be to strip? Also it is about 2500 sq ft how much would you...
  18. aaminc

    Pics of first Tm Well we are all finished with setting up our first TM and here are a couple pics. I dont know how to post pics so just click on the pics on the web site and they get bigger. I know the web site needs work it my next project.
  19. aaminc

    presure washing

    If you have a water tank on your truck can you hook up an outside presure washer to it?
  20. aaminc

    First job today

    Well after all the research,saving money,buying van and equitment and sitting threw classes I finally did my first job today. I can tell you dragging that hose and wand all day sure looks much easier on youtube. At least I know I will sleep well tonite.:)
  21. aaminc

    Posting prices?

    How many of you post your prices on your website, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  22. aaminc

    Installing VCT

    Does anyone have a per square ft charge for installing VCT commercial.
  23. aaminc

    Employee Handbook/Rules

    We are trying to put together a handbook listing the employee rules/responsibilities. Any one know of a generic format that we can input our personal info into? Or does anyone have one we can look at to get an idea where to start? Thanks
  24. aaminc

    chain restaurants

    Are the large chain restaraunts like wendys, red lobster, applebees ect. through national contractors? If not whats the secret to getting these accounts.
  25. aaminc

    starting up

    I just bought my extended 1 ton van for my first truckmount. My question is they offered me a free cage that seperates the back of the van from the front. Would this not get in the way of working on the truckmount when it is installed. I think I know the answer but I hate to turn down free things