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  1. aaminc

    Barcode readers

    No, I’m thinking just to keep track of what tools were put on the truck and what tools were returned. We are having issues with thinks being left behind.
  2. aaminc

    Barcode readers

    Has anyone ever used a barcode reader to inventory what is on every van every time they leave the shop.
  3. aaminc

    Temperature control

    Any suggestions on a Thermometer that I can use at my shop and will alert me if the temperature drops below a certain point. Preferably through my cell phone. Thanks
  4. aaminc

    Pressure washing attachment for truck mount

    You can hook up 2700 psi pressure washer up to your pump and water tank on your truck mount it works great and it doesn't put wear and tear on your truck might
  5. aaminc

    Should I be pissed?

    Imitation Is the highest form of flattery
  6. aaminc

    Little yappy dog bit my helper todayt

    I am with your helper on this one, no big deal. I think you overreacted
  7. aaminc

    Equipment for sale

    I was gonna say $1500 as well
  8. aaminc

    Customer today

    I lost a customer because he wanted his van interior cleaned for free, it would have taken longer than the two rooms he wanted done in his house
  9. aaminc

    Haughty client - Said "talk to my maid not me"!! WTH!

    After seeing that picture I would take her to court,
  10. aaminc

    Need a porty, who's selling one?

    We rarely carry it up and down stairs, we run 50 ft hoses and leave unit downstairs. Only use them on jobs that are not truckmount accessible
  11. aaminc

    Need a porty, who's selling one?

    I have two of those Nautalis machines, they work great for a portable
  12. aaminc

    TM carpet cleaner used as pressure washer?

    We just use the water tank and pump on the van and hook it to a regular pressure washer. I don't like the idea of putting unnecessary wear on truckmount
  13. aaminc

    I just got BIT by the Loan Shark

    I would not risk the girl losing her job over $100, I would go in and talk to them and if it didn't work out I would move on.
  14. aaminc

    Propane stripper

    It has a splash guard also
  15. aaminc

    Propane stripper

  16. aaminc

    Propane stripper

    You are in New York don't know how I would get it to you
  17. aaminc

    Propane stripper

    I wish I would have known before you spent $6000 on one. I have one sitting down there that we don't use cause we don't do big strips like that anymore. I would have gave it to you cheap
  18. aaminc

    What's the going rate for construction clean up?

    Figure out your price than double it! Nothing is "easy" about after construction including getting paid in my experiences. And what most have said above make sure u take pictures and have work signed off on as you do it. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  19. aaminc

    What is the purpose of having a large truckmount

    Size matters Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  20. aaminc

    Anyone interested in a cimex?

    Where r u located Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums