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    Prochem Legend XL - biggest, baddest, engine possible

    I'm considering trading in my Koehler v-twin engine that came with my used Prochem Legend XL. What's the biggest baddest engine I could install (within reason, for best reliability)? My engine needs oil seals, wiring harness and some other parts. Compression did test great on both sides. Shop...
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    Prochem Legend XL - repair costs

    I'm still in negotiations on a Legend XL (2007 model with around 2500 hours, as shown by service records - hour meter was deemed inaccurate) My thanks to the members of this forum for helping me to value various units. This forum is amazing. Was wondering what various parts and services would...
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    Truckmount Depreciation

    Wondering how much a Truckmount depreciates over the first year? Reason being, there's a next to new Sapphire 370ss with only 55 hours on it. Waiting on the quote. What do you think it's worth?
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    How would you value this?

    I'm looking at a 2007 Prochem Legend XL with roughly 1900 hrs on it. It's local and seems in decent shape. May leak a bit of oil. It comes with 200ft of house, 2 wands (1 hard surface, 1 carpet), an upholstery tool and stair tool. Comes with an air mover as well. Seller is offering it for...