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  1. Bobby Brown

    Trampoline Indoor park monthly quote help needed

    Hey I am putting together a quote for a local indoor trampoline park. Here is the breakdown: Floor carpeting- 3500sf Wall carpeting- 3300sf VCT- 1100sf Polished concrete- 1200sf How would you write up a maintenance quote? Should I charge more for first cleaning then give discounted pricing...
  2. Bobby Brown

    Chipotle polished concrete floors- HELP

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a quote for a local Chipotle. As most of you know they have the industrial look polished concrete floors. Looking for recommendations on cleaning methods, chems, pricing. I have looked through old forums and found some info but want to verify. @Hard Rock Tool seems...
  3. Bobby Brown

    Turboforce TH-40 w/free cobra AR50 or TH-15 w/free wheels??

    Which would you buy? Turboforce turbo hybrid th-40 comes with cobra AR50 hand tool for $830 with S/H or The new TH-15 comes with includes free concrete adapter...
  4. Bobby Brown

    WTB: recovery tank

    Looking to buy a new recovery tank for my white magic PTO in a chevy express 3500. Let me know if anyone is selling off old inventory or comes across any deals on CL or ebay. A couple options I am considering are:
  5. Bobby Brown

    Annual maintenance schedule & pricing help chevy dealership

    Hey everyone, we have a chevy dealership as a janitorial client. I am trying to put together a maintenance schedule for the facility and could use some advice on pricing. Here is the breakdown: 3000sf glazed porcelain ceramic tile and grout 2400sf cgd carpet tiles Office partitions- 20 full...
  6. Bobby Brown

    ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Hepa for $343 after rebate...ends Dec 31

    Been thinking about buying a ProForce? December might just be the time to do it. Proteam is offering rebates on the majority of their vacs. For Proforce HEPA uprights, it is $25 rebate for all vacs purchased from Nov 1 to Dec 31, 2013...
  7. Bobby Brown

    Need advice on Outback Steakhouse quote

    · Customer Area (FOH) o Vacuum/sweep floors (Daily) o Mop floors (Daily) o High/low dusting (Weekly) o Clean baseboards (Weekly) o Bathrooms (x2) § Vacuum floors (Daily) § Mop/sanitize floors (Daily) · Bar Area o Vacuum/sweep floors (Daily) o Mop floors (Daily) · Kitchen Area o Vacuum/sweep...
  8. Bobby Brown

    50% off Urine Removal System w/Flash Spotter (Ends 10/31)

    Not sure if this is posted anywhere else, but Interlink is running an awesome online special in order to promote their new Bio Modifier Xtreme: Urine Odor Removal System w/ Flash Spotter Buy a gallon of Bio Modifier Xtreme, TCU Neutralizer and Urine...
  9. Bobby Brown

    Would you have walked away from this one?

    Nasty old carpet. Elderly women with german shepard. I'll have to admit, I don't normally pre vac with HwE but this one I had no choice! I even pre racked up the majority of the hair before vacuuming so that I didn't clog the vac. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using TMF Forums mobile app
  10. Bobby Brown

    Literally every stain reappeared after drying! Suggestions?

    This is how the carpet looked after I steam cleaned it with my white magic TM: I pre treated the urine spots with Urine Pretreat Spotter 601 from interlink. Then I pre sprayed with grease eraser from chemister, usually a great traffic lane prespray. I agitated with nylon brush, and extracted...
  11. Bobby Brown

    How much should I pay to purchase an account?

    So I have been presented with the opportunity to purchase an existing account from another company that currently sub-contracts the work out to me. This company has been giving me work for the past 3 years and the owner has recently decided that he wants out of the restaurant cleaning and wants...
  12. Bobby Brown

    Citrus Solv vs NCL Citrol

    Quick question: I read a lot of guys on TMF raving about Citrus Solv as an additive for their pre-spray. Do you guys know if it is much different from NCL citrol. The reason I ask is because Interlink sells C.S. for $53.50/gal and I can get NCL citrol from my local distributor for $29.30/gal...
  13. Bobby Brown

    Help with restaurant cleaning bid due Friday

    Hey everyone, I've been reading on tmf for the past 5+ years but this is actually my first post. I've been given the opportunity to bid a 7 day a week restaurant cleaning and need some direction with pricing. Here is the info: Approx 4800 sf. 80% carpet , 20% tile - full facility. Current...