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  1. steamer 1

    Citrus solv

    When boosting prespray with bridgepoints citrus solv is it normal for prespray to turn white? Or do I have a generic grade citrus solv? Reason I wonder is local distributer sells a gallon of it for 36 bucks and interlink sells for 53.50
  2. steamer 1


    Got a call today from a customer I cleaned tile and grout for, this was exactly two weeks ago when I did the job. Now she called today saying that I put my machine on her grass and it dried up a spot of grass. The only machine I used was sx12, floor scrubber, and pump up sprayer. They only...
  3. steamer 1

    175 splash guard

    Does somebody have the link to the thread that showed someone making a splash guard, for a floor machine? Thanks guys Sent from my Nexus 7 using TMF Forums mobile app
  4. steamer 1

    How do I correct this

    How can I remove these stains? Sent from my Nexus 7 using TMF Forums mobile app
  5. steamer 1

    Floor machine (175)

    My floor machine (175) goes out when I then it on, and then won't turn on and spin. Does anyone know how to fix these? Do I need a new motor for it? Please help thanks! Sent from my Nexus 7 using TMF Forums mobile app
  6. steamer 1

    Thank You Todd

    I Just want to say thank you Todd For showing me how to make a grout sealing stick! This Forum is awesome! @Todd the Cleaner
  7. steamer 1

    Nuclean Fusion 4.0

    Can I use Nuclean Fusion 4.0 to clean this wool rug? or is the ph still to high?
  8. steamer 1

    Help On Pricing Please!!!

    I Need help on pricing franchise store. There is 15 stores with about 1800sq feet of tile to be cleaned. How much should I bidd?? thanks for your help guys!
  9. steamer 1

    I cannot view photos in posts

    I cannot view photos in posts When I click on the link to view a photo someone has in the post my computer starts a download mode but the picture never comes up