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    Poria and other wood destroying fungus.

    Anyone dealing with this stuff on a regular basis and might be willing to talk with me about procedure? I am on my third case this year and am finding my IICRC certs to be lacking. I have consulted with inspectors in CA and am learning more every day but would love to talk with someone doing...
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    1996 Prochem Performer 405 (Best Offer)

    I will get pics, and even a video perhaps of this machine. I am still using it every day and I am just coming off a record 6 weeks for my company for carpet cleaning. It has the 4-cyl Nissan motor. Cat Pump, Suitorbilt <sp> blower, and is a true dual wand machine. Despite the fact that it...
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    Not dead but very tired.

    This isn't exactly a complaint but I am exhausted. I've been off the forums for quite awhile due to work load. For carpet cleaning I am a 1 man 1 truck operation. In the past 6 weeks I have done an entire 4- story Hampton Inn hotel, 2 24 unit timeshare buildings, and a whole slew of regular...
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    whats your method on drying wood floors?

    We love our Injecti-Dri and use it a lot. It's invaluable for cabinet bases, walls, floors, even ceilings at times. Here's a shot of it drying a plaster over lathe wall in a historic old antique store. Ceilng took water from an ice dam and we had to remove the sheetrock that had been put over...
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    New to forum

    Welcome Scott! Aaron
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    How many combined years do the posters of TMF have in this Industry?

    16 years for me. 495 total
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    Good Karma

    I always give over the treasure. And I am a cab driver one night a week and our company ALWAYS returns things left in the cabs to the owners. Of course this is Maine. I once returned a very expensive professional camera that got left behind. We have a large photography college nearby. The...
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    Dumbest invention ever?

    I have to go with "NO" here. I have a 14 year old PC Quadjet. When it gets dirty I clean it. The PC label is long gone. A quick spray down with the hydroforce and a wipe and it's shiny stainless again. If that fails a quick wipe with Royal Mist (Matrix) and fine fabric acid rinse and all is...
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    When your world gets rocked....

    The police report is clear Owen. It's her fault. What will be will be. They have "significant" insurance and lawyers. But you are of course correct. The car was a 2002 Chrysler 300M. It was a great car and very fun to drive. Dad is going to replace it with 2010 Buick Lacrosse CSX. Mom...
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    I dont feel like carpet cleaning today

    Take your truck mount out and practice your figure eights. I let the van watch "Tokyo Drift". Now every time it snows it wants to play.
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    Alaskan King Crab Legs or Maine Lobster Tail?

    Uh lobster thank you. But I am a bit biased. Half my clients are lobster fisherman. And here in Maine there are no "tails". Here the lobster come whole. Aaron
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    Amtex: Inferno? How is it?

    I am looking at the Inferno as well. I spent a long time on the phone with Ben from Amtex last week. I sent an E-mail with questions and he called me and discussed the machine. Great guy who really knows and believes in his product. Seems a simple well made machine and very fairly priced...
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    When your world gets rocked....

    Randy I hear you. It took me several minutes to tell my wife what happened. She thought "I" was in a wreck I was so upset. At the time I had no idea how bad my Mom was or wasn't only that she hit a truck head on at 55 mph. Update. My mother crossed the center line. She thinks she fell...
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    When your world gets rocked....

    The day started out OK, aside from the dump being closed and being unable to unload some wet insulation from one of my vans. So I tossed it behind the shop to take later, loaded up the desiccant dehu's and headed for my newest water damage now well into the structure drying. The phone...
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    The Largest Water Damage.......

    We did a bank repo home that had not been winterized and the entire basement was full of water all the way to the floor joists. After pumping it was discovered that it was a fully furnished finished basement. That was fun. We turned it back into a concrete basement again. Ever seen sheetrock...
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    Shipping carpet cleaning vans and truck mounts

    Rob if you do ship it make sure you winterize it as vehicle transports aren't heated and if it goes cross country it will get cold! Aaron
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    The Real World (from ICS Board)

    Honestly the tone of these threads are getting old. I know every single one of you is absolutely the most gifted restoration contractor on the face of the earth and the chairman of your local Mensa chapter. I accept that you know more than I do and I do feel blessed that you share your...
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    Which Truckmounts Have YOU Purchased Over Your Lifetime of being in Business?

    When I started my boss (now partner) had a Steam Action. Excellent simple machine, he had 8K hours on it when we sold it. We bought a PC Bruin II and then a couple years later a PC 405. We still have both machines but the Bruin is in storage. Prochems have been very good to me. My 405...
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    Dual Wand or Single Wand poll. Carpet Cleaning.

    I usually work alone for carpet cleaning so I single wand. I have run dual wand on some huge jobs though but usually I'm alone. Aaron
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    fire extinguisher

    Halon will make the least mess. Dry Chem will work too but makes a huge mess. You are dealing with either electrical or fuel fire as a likely cause so water extinguishers are no good. Get a good size one and locate it somewhere easy to get to. The unit itself (if running) can put out a...
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    Cheap Carpet Cleaning

    David hang in there man. I hope you had a good Christmas. We've all been broke at some point. Keep doing a good job and the work will come. Aaron
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    TMF Prochem Quad Modified

    "So you want to be a playah? But your wand ain't fly... You got a hit us up to get a pimped out glide.." (Adapted from Pimp my Ride. Don't blame me I'm an idiot.) Looks cool Rob. Aaron
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    winterized truck mount - using for water extraction

    I always used non toxic RV antifreeze. Never tried windshield solution.
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    Will be at the 2010 Home Show

    We did a home show several years back. Now I know what I forgot to do. Hire hot Asian models. Just wasn't thinking. Thanks for the idea, and best of luck with the event! Hope you get lots of biz. Aaron