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  1. johnsrugscrub

    Best Vacuum Cleaner For Home Cleaning Getcleaningdone

    When you ask most people what they are looking for in a vacuum a common theme always comes up: suction power. So, I was excited when my mother loaned me her $3000. It immediately sucked the rug into the brush and latched on to the rug. I could not move the vacuum in any direction needed...
  2. johnsrugscrub

    Rug Cleaning Classes

    Indianapolis, Indiana
  3. johnsrugscrub

    Oriental Rug washing in Iran

    I think that is insane because chlorine will dissolve wool in a very short period of time and the sodium hydrosulfite would act as a stripper (removing oxygen from the color). This is going to pull way too much color and anyone doing this should be extremely careful.
  4. johnsrugscrub

    Rug Cleaning Classes

    How I learned to do rug cleaning was a mix of resources from the library and resources from the web. The Rug Chick has some great information with the basic process and offers an online class. What I have found is that rug cleaning courses are over priced for what they provide. I opened my...