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  1. Natedavis316

    Mytee Air Hog Wanted

    Been looking for the Mytee 7303 Air Hog (1st Version). According to Mytee's website it has been discontinued, and I would really like to have one. Is any one interested in selling theirs. I'm located in Georgia.
  2. Natedavis316


    Hi Everyone, Been in business part-time for a year, but know really looking to make some "real money". I'm working on getting into the Property Management arena. Does anyone from Atlanta, GA know the average rates for apartments. My market is Cobb County. Would like to get an idea of how I...
  3. Natedavis316

    Has anyone subcon with Pinnacle Property Mng?

    Good Morning, I'm looking to subcontract with Pinnacle Property Management Company. I'm currently waiting for Compliance Depot to approve all my documents to qualify to work for them . This is my first time going through this process and would like to know what to expect and what are my next...
  4. Natedavis316

    First Meeting with College Pres for Carpet and VCT

    Hi Everyone, I will be meeting with the president of a college that has approximately 30,000 sq. ft. of VCT and 6,000 sq. ft. of Carpet. Need know what questions to ask. And what I need to prepare for. What I do know he is looking for some on to really do the VCT, there is no up keep. Can...
  5. Natedavis316

    Husky dog urine on Sisal

    I have a friend who has a large dog urine stain on her wall to wall Sisal Carpet. She was thinking of trashing the carpet, but wanted advise. This is what she has done so far: First used oreck dry carpet cleaner Then tried laundry detergent w icy and water - dried leaving stain Sent from my...