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  1. Tedlucky

    An Interesting Thing Happened

    I Went to this amazing house in a very affluent area for some tile cleaning. When I looked at the tile, some of the joints were white, some grey and some black. The whole floor was shiny like it had been sealed. I was told, no cleaning or sealing had been done for 12 years. The floor was...
  2. Tedlucky

    Travertine Cleaning Help

    Cleaned plenty of ceramic but not stone. Bidding a residential travertine cleaning and they asked to have it sealed, 500 sq. ft. The kitchen surface is much more dull than the entryway. I'm assuming groutmaster may dull the glossy finish in the entryway. Is this correct? Will a neutral...
  3. Tedlucky

    Banquet Chairs

    A restaurant client has asked me to clean 100 of these chairs. I have limited experience in these chairs. Enough to know that they are pretty much a pain. I found the hard part is getting the edges and side pieces clean. I have a couple questions: 1. What is the best way to clean them...
  4. Tedlucky

    How to strip Colorseal?

    I cleaned some tile and grout for a customer and didn't realized it was color sealed. Its now flaking off like crazy and does not look good. I think the colorseal job was done well which was why I didn't notice it (lame excuse I know!). I used tilemaster, grout brush, spinner. I need to...
  5. Tedlucky

    Non Slip floor finish?

    I have a property manager client that operates a soul food restaurant. The grease they generate is pretty substantial. The dining room floor is acid stained concrete with floor finish over it. I "stripped" it a couple months ago (really more of a top scrub because I didn't want to damage the...
  6. Tedlucky

    A Monthly Contract

    I just landed a monthly contract who wants carpet cleaning once per month. Does anyone have a monthly contract I can have them sign? Would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Tedlucky

    Great Opportunity

    I have the opportunity to bid tile and grout cleaning for basically two ballrooms. I'm curious as to what you guys would bid this for. Details: 18,000 square feet 18" ceramic tiles It's not in terrible shape. No wax The client is a winery that does a lot of business for corporate events and...
  8. Tedlucky

    Spot Help Needed

    This carpet is for a friend of the family. I've done mostly commercial carpets thus far so my spotting skills are admittedly weak. Before and after pics below. I presprayed and added a citrus booster, scrubbed with 175 red pad, then the T-Rex, then wand. And you can see the results suck...
  9. Tedlucky

    Help stripping an acid stained floor

    I need suggestions on how to handle this job. Here's the deal: Restaurant floor, 3,000 sq. ft., nicely acid stained with a couple coats of wax on top. First pic is the "good" room. The rest is relatively black with soil embedded in the wax (it actually looks worse than the pictures)...
  10. Tedlucky


    I've been in the janitorial business for many years (as a salesman) and just bought a truckmount two weeks ago, so I'm still a novice when it comes to carpet cleaning. Client called me yesterday, said he had a flood in the basement. It's a large commercial building housing a dance studio. The...
  11. Tedlucky

    How does your name affect SEO

    I am going into business this week. Someone has the name I want to use "Powerhouse Carpet Cleaning" and the domain name (they are in TX, I'm in CA. Their reviews on Yelp kinda suck. 1. How would it affect SEO if I use (with the dash, it's available)? If any? I...
  12. Tedlucky

    Help! Truckmount Value??

    Helloooo!! I need some help from you experienced pro's. I am not new to the cleaning industry. But I am new to carpet cleaning and am getting into the business. I have been looking at a specific van and want to know its "actual" value. I have looked for a blue book of sorts and have found...