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  1. Tom@britefloors

    How Much Pre-Spray Do You Use?

    On average, how many quarts of RTU pre-spray do you use per 1,000 SF for residential and/or commercial?
  2. Tom@britefloors

    Christmas Challenge - Free Cleaning!!

    In the spirit of Christmas, I challenge those who wish to participate to select either one of your less fortunate customers, or perhaps someone from your church, and offer to clean their home for free as a way of demonstrating Christ's unconditional love. Then, report back your experience. I'm...
  3. Tom@britefloors


    This franchise CC company uses a CRB machine and dry absorbant powder. Anyone know or heard anything about their operation? Any customer feedback, reviews, complaints?
  4. Tom@britefloors

    Killer 5-Arounds??

    Does anybody have a killer 5-around template they would like to share?
  5. Tom@britefloors

    Please Pray For Rob Allen

    Rob just posted in another thread of having been diagnosed with a serious medical condition without being specific. If you are so inclined, please consider keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.
  6. Tom@britefloors

    Free Case of PreLoad!!

    Did I get your attention? I'm still thinking about Matt's 4x8 sign on the highway, and how we have about 3 seconds to make an impact with a message that drivers by will remember. As I wrote in that thread, 3 seconds is about all the time people will spend looking at choices in a Google...
  7. Tom@britefloors

    Brite Floors Cleaning & Restoration

    The most thorough cleaning ever, or its free!!
  8. Tom@britefloors

    Should we have a Members-Only Section to Discuss Best Practices?

    Interestly, Todd the Cleaner pointed out that he has had 4 customers in the last 2 months that found him by reading TMF. We all share our experiences (and inexperiences) here, as well as sometimes having the need to discuss business policies and practices that might not be completely understood...
  9. Tom@britefloors

    Big Brown Spot - See Pictures!!

    I cleaned this office last weekend for the first time and I was told the janitors spilled a bucket of cleaning solution they were using to clean the restrooms sometime after the carpets were last cleaned. Before I cleaned it, the spot had a blue tint. I cleaned it real well, but when the carpets...
  10. Tom@britefloors

    Encap-Clean DS2 or Encapuclean O2...

    Which do you prefer and why?
  11. Tom@britefloors

    Anyone have experience cleaning corporate aircraft?

    High end everything: Carpets, leather, gold plated fixtures, exotic woods, etc. If you have practical experience, let's open a dialogue.
  12. Tom@britefloors

    Another Tile & Grout Nightmare

    Got to another "bank job" and low and behold found that the janitorial company had been burnishing wax on the floors. As you can imagine, the wax was black in the grout lines. Lots of work trying to remove the wax from the grout lines, but floor stripper followed by a single jet raptor tool...
  13. Tom@britefloors

    Any Suggstions??

    I did a bank job last weekend and this is the teller area. I was not pleased with the results. Used UltraPac thru HF in-line and rinsed with ProcChem All Fiber Rinse. While there was a difference, I wanted it to turn out like the areas that had been covered by chair mats (which looked new). I...
  14. Tom@britefloors

    Chemical meter question...

    For all y'all who have in-line sprayers, do you go out to the truck and turn off your chemical pump each time before you pre-spray, then go turn it back on for extraction? I have primarily used Procyon, so I extract with fresh water. But I got to thinking about y'all who extract with a fiber rinse.
  15. Tom@britefloors

    Brick job ate my lunch...

    Went on a job this morning to a rental that had brick in the kitchen, eating area, foyer, hall bath. Easy right? No way. It had some sort of wax on it and I worked for 7 hours (spinner, 4 jet wand, single jet wand) to get it off. I thought I had the right stripper, but obviously not. I have to...