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    Poria and other wood destroying fungus.

    Anyone dealing with this stuff on a regular basis and might be willing to talk with me about procedure? I am on my third case this year and am finding my IICRC certs to be lacking. I have consulted with inspectors in CA and am learning more every day but would love to talk with someone doing...
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    1996 Prochem Performer 405 (Best Offer)

    I will get pics, and even a video perhaps of this machine. I am still using it every day and I am just coming off a record 6 weeks for my company for carpet cleaning. It has the 4-cyl Nissan motor. Cat Pump, Suitorbilt <sp> blower, and is a true dual wand machine. Despite the fact that it...
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    Not dead but very tired.

    This isn't exactly a complaint but I am exhausted. I've been off the forums for quite awhile due to work load. For carpet cleaning I am a 1 man 1 truck operation. In the past 6 weeks I have done an entire 4- story Hampton Inn hotel, 2 24 unit timeshare buildings, and a whole slew of regular...
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    When your world gets rocked....

    The day started out OK, aside from the dump being closed and being unable to unload some wet insulation from one of my vans. So I tossed it behind the shop to take later, loaded up the desiccant dehu's and headed for my newest water damage now well into the structure drying. The phone...
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    The Znen of form etiquette (Drunken Ramblings)

    I've noticed a trend since I returned to the forum. I have also had feed back on the same over the summer from cleaners I kept in touch with while I was busy. Just got back from a long day and night. Had a couple beers, (they were good) and decided to speak my mind. One of the...
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    The Toll of the Chosen Profession

    We all have our reasons for being in this business. If I had to sum it up in short summary it would be immediate job satisfaction. This job is great for that. We have all seen the pics of black carpets turning white. We all think we are super stars and in a way we are. There are downsides...
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    Jet clogs... the drying pass theory.

    Is it just me or does anyone else suspect that jets get clogged by tiny stones jumping up and lodging in the jets while making drying passes. I mean come on. Screens on the jets, and still the jets clog. Then to add insult to injury there is no way that stone came through the jet orifice...
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    16 will get you 20...

    Is it just me? I keep checking out the (looks to be 16) Korean girl on the home-page laying seductively on the bed. I feel like a pervert. Come on guys.. the wife is already jealous enough. What are you trying to do to me.
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    Men at work..(My Dad)

    Came across this album online someone took while riding the ferry my Dad is Captain of. Just thought I'd share my families marine heritage. In the 80's Dad talked me out of going to sea because the Us shipping industry was a disaster. I became a pilot instead. Then that went to heck. My...
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    My cat the escape artist. (Video)

    This is my all white cat Oliver. He opens doors. Especially the door into our entryway. This is a round doorknob not a lever one like most cats can operate. I had to put a hook lock on it so he wouldn't open it when we are gone or at night. Not much happens till the 30 second mark he knows...
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    The next step... A commercial location (Storefront)

    I've had some inquiries about opening a store front. The good, the bad, and so on. We have had a commercial location since 1998. In retrospect their are many days I wish we were still operating out of the old garage. My business partner owns the building and leases it to the company. We...
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    My business partner's son's band.

    Boy had no interest in cleaning but at 21 he plays and sings pretty well. Scroll down and click the tunes to listen. He wrote, sings, and plays guitar in all of them. Other members include a drummer, a lead guitarist, and a bass player in his band...
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    Rough week....

    There are advantages to being an employee. At least this week. As an Owner Operator you really don't get sick days..especially this time of year with scheduling 3-weeks out, finishing up water damages, and still the odd emergency. For the past 8 days I have been sick. Real sick. Wanted to...
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    Jobs gone WILD!

    Nothing that exciting... just my part time job parked in front of my business. I don't need to drive the limo... but I like it. Aaron
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    Automotive Detailing Portable Advice

    Guys a buddy of mine does auto detailing. He wants his first extractor. Looking to spend under $1500 will never use a wand on it just upholstery tools. Need a machine without a lot of power draw as he has a mobile detailing van and may not always have easily accessible power. What would you...
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    Encapsulation Explained

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Aaron
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    For Tre and Rob

    Thanks for the Forums guys! Aaron
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    From A lot of chairs to a LOT of Water!

    Remember the a lot of chairs post? Well I just got home from a convenience store VCT job, had just cracked a beer and was settling into the chat room on TMF. It was 12:15 am or so. The cell rings and it is my biggest client with a bit of a dilemma. They have a function set up at 9 am and...
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    Good job. Nice view.

    A timeshare building I'm working on. There are 24 units in it. The view from the backside of the units is awesome. Makes it hard to get any work done. One of the few advantages to working in Maine on the coast. There is always a nice view. Aaron
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    Any of you seen a Wharf Rat

    One of these critters walked up to my cab last night as I was parked by a bar down near the water. This picture is not photo shopped these things are this big. I didn't have a camera to snap a live photo last night so I borrowed a pic off the web. They are fairly benign creatures and not...
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    Vandals.. I hate em!

    So last week some punk a$$ 's sliced the tires on my box truck and the small concession trailer of my next door neighbors (the local VFW). (Pretty low vandalizing the VFW IMHO). Any way not being happy with that last night they shot out the windows and the mirrors on my box truck. I mean come...
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    The Rug Duster

    I had mentioned this thing to Ara and he had never heard of it. I bought this off a tiny little print ad in the back of Clean Fax about 13 years ago. It came from a guy in Shreveport, LA who manufactured them. I think I gave him around $800 for it. It is crude but has never broken and does...
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    Ship Cleaning...yes Ship with a "P"

    Cleaned a medium sized vessel today. Cleaning boats poses unique challenges. It's tight quarters, on fancy boats the owners are EXTREMELY fussy to the point of you clean the carpets barefoot...(I kid you not). This boat was a Coast Guard Cutter so she is a work vessel. Not fussy at all. One...
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    I feel like a Hack.

    15 years in the business and I have become complacent. When I started we took all the IICRC courses. Once we achieved Master status we stopped. We felt the courses were redundant. I've taken refreshers and any new course offered but in the back of my mind I felt it was waste of time. I read...
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    My toy is progressing nicely.

    After years of driving vans for work I finally got one for play. I've wanted a custom van since I was a kid. You now shag carpet don't come knockin' etc. I've been eyeing this one for years at the local PD. It was the D.A.R.E. van. They got a new one and this one was just sitting. They...