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  1. Blacktiedetailing

    BlackTie is back in business!! New dual wand truckmount

    Wife lost her job so I might be buying a new setup. You guys think I can dual wand off this bad boy? Might combo it up w a 10' GMC van, eco diesel
  2. Blacktiedetailing

    This is how you polish stone...

    The hack company gave this customer a cheap price. You get what you pay for. I should teach a stone class in Vegas... Enjoy.. Here are the before and after
  3. Blacktiedetailing

    Just like Michael Jordan, might be coming out of retirement

    Possibility of the wife being able to retire early so I might be back in the game bites! Sold the 870 about 6 months too soon it looks like. Starting to look around for a truck mount setup. I left the business doing $100k plus working part time and will do it again but bigger this go around...
  4. Blacktiedetailing

    Only in Vegas, Lol.

    Does anyone want todd and I to stop in and ask for patches???
  5. Blacktiedetailing

    400 hour, 12 month review of the SS870

    About this time last year, I was pissed as a tornado in a trailer park (thanks to Mater.. lol). My Amtex had died and I called my sales guy asking about a SS570 or the 870. I was ready for a new unit that would not have the issues I had with my other. Seeing that there was only $4k difference...
  6. Blacktiedetailing

    Mike Ross,, is this for real?

    He has an Amtex in his van!! go look at his spee dee carpet cleaning page... I am not joking either. maybe this is why he was such an ass..
  7. Blacktiedetailing

    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware

    As you all know I bought a 2nd Amtex in Feb of 2014. Roughly $19k. The newest fire breather, right? After about 270ish hours, my pump belt burned up, seized the water pump, burned up the valve on the Northstar heater etc. The pump out worked for about a month, had to replace that too at no...
  8. Blacktiedetailing

    First time in almost 4 years...

    So today I had a travertine job. Cleaned it like its brand new. Everything came out great. Then when I was about to get out the invoice, custy was pissed off that I had scratched up his baseboards.... My TH40 has a big ass gouge in it it and marked up the baseboards everywhere!! He said that...
  9. Blacktiedetailing

    For you new guys wanting to clean stone......

    I was at Home Depot last night and came across this so called Travertine. You at some point will run into this horrid nightmare of a stone, if you can even call it that. Depot should be ashamed to even have this on its shelf...
  10. Blacktiedetailing

    Topical all over the FU*&ing place!!!

    I looked at a home today that has topical coating all over the damn place. About 1100 sqft in the front exterior foyer, then his shower is a mess, topical something all over his pool deck and vertical walls. The slate in the front can be pressure washed and scrubbed with a grit brush, no...
  11. Blacktiedetailing

    Check your dryer vents!!

    Last night my son came and got me and said that there was a bad smell in the laundry room. Smelled like something was burning. So I took the back plate off of the dryer and this is what I found. If we had left the house for dinner or to head out, we might have come home to our house on fire...
  12. Blacktiedetailing

    Northstar Heater issues. any ideas?

    Burner will fire on even with no flow going through. Does anyone know if there is a replacement flow switch other than the one from Northstar? Other guys with them have gone through 3. I need to get the burner working correctly for Todd. Just replaced the flow switch. Magnet is clicking on...
  13. Blacktiedetailing

    Who needs an iPhone5 and mini iPad for your business?

    I am upgrading my Apple stuff to do my invoices at the customers house. I am selling my phone and ipad mini. Both in great shape, 16g and wifi only. $200 for the phone $200 for the mini.. PM me if you are interested.. Jeff
  14. Blacktiedetailing

    Your best stripper for a slate floor??

    I have about 3000 ft of topical to get off of slate and concrete. I remember a while back @john gerding posted about some stipper that he liked. All the products I have tried are not strong enough. What is your favorite stripper? I think there is some good stuff from Midwest Chemical, but...
  15. Blacktiedetailing

    Twin TH-40's w HOT water, scrub w a 175??? No Way....

    Hey fellas, another reason I love the 870 is the fact that you can dual wand with tile spinners and have hot water. The second clip was from a house today that Todd and I did. Sprayed down some cleaner and went to work. We dont ever use a 175 to scrub grout lines. I think only once or twice...
  16. Blacktiedetailing

    Price check, nice commercial account...

    Ok, here ya go fellas. I am bidding on an office building and would like to see what we all would come in at.. Office is on the 4th floor and I can hang hose off the balcony. 9x12 Wool Rug to be pit washed 175 ft of tile and grout cleaning 400 sqft of cimex for open meeting room 23 small...
  17. Blacktiedetailing

    Need a cleaner in GA...

    Any of you guys clean around Jonesboro?
  18. Blacktiedetailing

    ICE Show item for sale, new guy maybe??

    I am buying a new reel from Reel Innovations at ICE. I will have a 225' hose reel for sale if anyone is interested. Make an offer as it is coming out of my truck in 2 weeks. If no TMF brother wants it, its going on CL..
  19. Blacktiedetailing

    I love stone for this reason...

    Knock on the door at 9:15am to meet custy. Start working on 2 countertops and the crazy looking floor. 220-1800. Packed up and in my truck at 2:50pm Worked straight thru lunch, no breaks. $1425. This guy doesn't do 3 room specials at $59. Take the time to learn this aspect of business. It's a...
  20. Blacktiedetailing

    Enhancing Sealer on Travertine Pool Deck

    Going out tomorrow to look at the pool deck. HO says that it looks foggy?? I am thinking a topical but he says the states enhancer. First thought is hack applied too much. Next question, I have never taken off enhancer as it is meant to go into the stone. I am thinking the guy is...
  21. Blacktiedetailing

    Rolling the 870 in Phoenix with Lance Golden

    What's up fellas. Came to work with Lance and get some true training with the beast. Trying to get a pic taken.
  22. Blacktiedetailing

    First day running the SS870..

    The video is not the best. Just quick clips of some cleaning.. No editing, no fancy stuff. I am super happy with the machine so far. Granted only 7 hours so far in 2 days. Dual wanded with Todd, ran solo by myself and so on. I had a lack of suction with Todd the other night and took it...
  23. Blacktiedetailing

    Amtex Dragon 3D For Sale...

    PM me if you are interested. Jeff
  24. Blacktiedetailing

    Anyone in Ogden, UT?

    I have a great friend that needs carpet cleaned at his condo in Ogden. Anyone out that way? Jeff