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  1. Odin

    Featured Aloha Dave's Final Days

    When he starts voting democrat we know he is gone
  2. Odin

    Featured Aloha Dave's Final Days

    Dave ain't dead yet and he is looking pretty good right now.
  3. Odin

    Proper chemistry | what's running through your solution lines

    I only run the highest quality quadruple filtered artesian spring water to rinse carpets
  4. Odin

    Vortex lite

    you would have thought it was how the TMF brain trust was virtually jerking off each other about this thing
  5. Odin

    Vortex lite

    not too long ago in a galaxy not too far away you all thought this was great
  6. Odin

    Vortex lite

    what exactly makes it so advanced?
  7. Odin

    Vortex lite

    Advancements in what exactly??
  8. Odin

    Vortex lite

    sounds like should have got the vortex heavy
  9. Odin

    #1 Reason Carpet Cleaners Die from is...

    your not drinking enough water and you need fresh socks at least twice a day and you will live a long healthy life ASMDS ( awesome shit my drill sergeant said)
  10. Odin

    Name reasons you turn down jobs

    If I don't like their attitude. NO CARPET CLEANING FOR YOU!!!!!!
  11. Odin

    Vortex lite

    I have never seen or used this machine but I can give you my complete detailed examination of it. Did I tell I stayed at a Holiday in Express last night
  12. Odin

    ETM Cords

  13. Odin

    Portable carpet cleaning equipment, 5 extractors, scrubber, and van

    you were told wrong the truck is what 2500 at best old carpet cleaning equipment does not hold much value anyway putting here is a waste of time, these guys are beyond super cheap and they have no money.
  14. Odin

    Trump to step down!
  15. Odin

    Defoamer for Extractor

    how can such a simple question turn into such a clusterf*&^k:beaver:
  16. Odin

    1.5” or 2” stack for LX?

    these meters are not very accurate for how you are testing. Hold it a little far away hold it too close tilt it a little constrict the air a little you can come up with many numbers, Sorry carpet cleaner testing is pretty much bupkis,
  17. Odin

    Increasing truckmount power with inline filters!

    it's just a tube with a paint filter how does it hold up to 45ACP