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  1. J

    Parts for a DIY or for repair parts for your unit.

    As you can see I have a 47 blower, duel shaft 3cp cat pump the next pic is a blower exhaust HX 19 inches long 4in diameter with 3in ends and the last picture is 2 water to water or coolant HX. I also have a SS HX. This was a running unit 2wks ago so all parts in good condition till the motor...
  2. J

    Legend se motor

    I have a prochem legend se that the rear oil seal came out of. Anyone have the model type and code for this engine. 20hp kolher command.
  3. J

    little giant 4ht HP for sale

    I have a LG 4ht HP rated for 1000 psi Regulator with hoses and belly tank. $1100.00 if interested send me a message I'm in NC