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  1. license2Clean

    Searching for an exhaust heatexchanger

    Anybody have one for sale? Hydramaster Boxxer 427
  2. license2Clean

    Anybody have a Mytee eco-17 orbital 4 sale

    In the state of Calif or Nevada
  3. license2Clean

    911, How do u remove dye transfer from

    A white leather couch? What product can I use to remove blue jean dye? Thxs for help....
  4. license2Clean

    Trade New RX20 Glides For Wand

    Looking to trade for a good used or new 2 jet wand..
  5. license2Clean

    Rotovac ShearDry Uph Tool 4 Cheap

    New Rotovac ShearDry $290.00
  6. license2Clean

    Need help pricing a comm. tile/grout job

    Tire depot tire store- showroom floor - s. california 2300 sqt- normal soiling glazed tile. What would be a starting sqf price
  7. license2Clean


    I have a new RV SD Upholstery Tool Paid around 440.00 You can have it for 295.00
  8. license2Clean

    Where can I buy a motor for RV 360I

    Looking for a source to buy a motor for RV 360i. Can you buy the motor from another source beside ROTOVAC?
  9. license2Clean

    For Sale Soon...5x8 Aztec Cargo Trailer With Mytee Portable and all equip

    Will try and sale as a package deal... 5x8 cargo trailer with side door and loading ramp (made by aztec trailers) 12 gallon Mytee Portable- dual 3 stage (230 cfm), 500 psi pump, auto fill/auto dump 50 gallon fresh water tank- polyethylene roto-molded 65,000 btu little giant heater- mounted on...
  10. license2Clean

    Container of Tilemaster needed in So. Cal.

    Anybody in the LA area have a extra tub of Tilemaster for sale? Thank you.....
  11. license2Clean

    ASA Wanted: Rx20

    RX-20 HIGH EFFICIENCY NEEDED..... Willing to trade a commercial breeze 17" op machine for a rx20 plus cash. or all cash. op machine is in good condition. you can see the machine @
  12. license2Clean


    Need a good used RX-20 High Efficiency I'm in So.Cal.
  13. license2Clean

    ? for larry Cobb.encap

    Would like to use encapsulate sr cleaner as a rinse in a portable extractor. How many oz. per gal. or oz. per 5 gal. do you use. Thanks for the excellent customer service..
  14. license2Clean

    Mytee M5 electric motor hp

    Can someone tell me the hp on the electric motor that drives the pump tec water pump? Thank You...
  15. license2Clean

    PowerClean owners manual available

    Google powerclean freedom xt. Will see the link- index of files/power clean/. You can download owners manual.
  16. license2Clean

    Carpet turned yellow

    How do you correct yellowing on a light gray carpet./wool blend ? Did not neutralize prespray.{chemical injection on tm failed to inject carpet rinse} Notice a yellow tint when carpet dried. Thanks 4 your help.......