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  1. jsmithjr

    Pressure help!!!

    I'll have my pressure set at 1200psi and after about 10min. It drops down to 900 and can't get it back to up unless I turn my mount off turn it back on. But it will do this every time. start it back up 1200 10min later 900. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  2. jsmithjr

    Vaccuum filter question

    How bad is it and what damage could happen if you never use a inline filter for vac hose?
  3. jsmithjr

    is there a decent portable that weighs under 100 (not Cfx)

    It's only use would be high end condos and some commercial carpet.
  4. jsmithjr

    V-jets to t-jets

    Is there a way I can modify my evolution wand to have t-jets?
  5. jsmithjr

    Evolution wand

    Has anyone switched to t-jets if so, what are your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  6. jsmithjr

    Casino cleaning

    Hey guys I have a casino carpet ( wool) cleaning coming up and I've cleaned it in the past however it is rattiest of the nastys around the slot machaines and can't get them to clean up well at all. What should I use here's my equipment list prochem peak tm, evolution 2 jet, 360, power wand, crb...
  7. jsmithjr

    Help with disclosure

    Hey guys, i don't have a repair disclosure for customers to sign. I always make it clear that I aim for 60% improvement to keep their expectations low. I could really use some help on putting one together. So if someone... Anyone, give me a sample of what you use for a repair non disclosure...
  8. jsmithjr

    Help with a pay plan

    How are you or your techs paid. I'm trying to come up with something that shows appreciation (especially for the ones that have been here a while) but also makes sense. Right now it's 20% of the job, additional 10% for add-ons and commission cap at $35 per hr. Any advise or suggestions would...
  9. jsmithjr

    Pro chem peak rpm help

    Hey guys, ive only had a 570ss until recently bout a 2014 exspess w a peak in it. I dont know much about it but i do know the rpm are low almost like there is something stopping it to be used at full throttle also the pressure regulator is stuck at 300 psi. Thanks in advance for all those that...
  10. jsmithjr

    Need professional advise

    Hey guys, what would be your choice and why? I need to make a decision fast and I'm not sure what one to get. Prochem peak or 570ss I've ran both machine but not long enough to feel good about making the decision without running it by the pros on TMF. thanks in advance to all that respond.
  11. jsmithjr

    Water issues

    So, in the middle of a job today and my 570 just lost pressure not completely tho. I would guess it's about 30-40psi showing on the gauge and coming out of the wand. I'm thinking I have a plugged Hose or filter that I don't know about. Can someone please tell me where to start and how to trouble...
  12. jsmithjr

    Rubber mats

    Hey guys, I'm cleaning a local 24hr. Fitness carpet, tile and the majority of it is rubber mat and honestly I've never cleaned anything like that before. What process, equipment and chemicals should be used? Pretty bad traffic areas. Any advise would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. jsmithjr

    Pulsating water

    Hey guys, I've been having a little issue w my water pulsating its showing it on the guage, doing it thru sol. lines and cleaning tool. Where should I start my troubleshooting? Thanks in advance.
  14. jsmithjr

    Porty and jet size understanding

    Came across a old porty psi 150-200 and a dual vac idk the specs however they are not good. My understanding is with a 2 jet wand (aw29 type) the use of 11002 jets would be fine even 9501s but I had a conversation with a Co worker and his logic was a single jet wand with an 08 jet because the...
  15. jsmithjr

    Cleaning a jet

    Anyone clean a jet before? Cleaning the wool carpeting and 12 leather chairs. Never done it before, not worried about it just seeing if you guys have any suggestions. I've always found y'all very helpful.
  16. jsmithjr

    Need some advise

    I have a big nasty casino with wool cgd. What method would you guys use? I have rx20, 175, 360I, any advise would be fantastic.
  17. jsmithjr


    Hello folks, heres my issue. Stock 570 no mods. Ive been using this for 2 yrs. And im lucky to get 140° at the machine. Its always been that way. What ive d9ne is thermal valve replacement, contantly checking orfices and check valves bought the evolution wand so i thought i would exsperment a...
  18. jsmithjr

    SS 570

    This is an od question but how do i go about getting exact match touch up paint. Ive noticed im starting to get a little rust. I like to keep my van very presentable. Anyone with ideas would greatly be appricated. Thx guys.
  19. jsmithjr

    Diverter shaft

    Hey guys, new to workin on TMs here are my issues #1 waste tank fills up w fresh water #2 diverter shaft is stuck open. I manually slide it closed but it goes right back.#3 takes about 30-40 min. Before I produce heat (@ the van 180°) the TM is 570ss any advise would greatly be appreciated...
  20. jsmithjr

    No heat

    I'm using the rotovac shur-dry w my 370ss however, I'm getting zero heat when I use my wand the heat is fine. Thanks in advance.