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  1. Sterling

    How far ahead do you book

    What is the sweet spot for scheduling appointments? Right now I'm stupid busy booking into late October including Saturdays. This may seem great to some but I'm losing a lot of repeat customers that need it done right away. I'm not ready to put a second crew on the road and winter is right...
  2. Sterling

    Encap furniture

    I've been using VLM methods here and there with carpets (and pulling off some miracles) and decided to try it out on a greasy recliner. A little omega, a little buff and voila. It's still a little damp in the after pic but probably dry within the hour. Have I been doing it wrong all these...
  3. Sterling

    Fleas everywhere

    So I'm all set up for a big job today (yes Sunday long weekend) with a helper. The custy just bought the house and will be moving in and they need their air ducts, windows and carpets cleaned. I look down near my ankle and my leg is swimming in fleas! My helper took off, wanted no part of...
  4. Sterling

    Any thoughts on ValPak ad?

    I've got about 50,000 of these going out next month in a ValPak. I've done well with a similar ad in the past. Before I give them the OK, let me know if I should make any changes or not. I took this from a screen shot from my phone so the colors are a little off. Thanks
  5. Sterling

    Demo Pricing Help

    So I landed (pretty sure it's mine) a carpet and tile demo job. About 600 sq ft of tile and 1000 sq ft of cgd. Then another 1000 sq ft of old VCT (asbestos free). Anyone know how to price this out? Even a ballpark would help.
  6. Sterling

    Engine shutting down when increasing choke

    I'm having an issue with my 14 hp Kohler engine. It runs great when there are no hoses set up but after adding 50 ft it starts to bog and eventually shuts down. I can decrease the choke and it seems to run fine but of course I'm losing power then. I believe it's a carburetor issue. I've...
  7. Sterling

    Think this is a good buy? He wants $1000. I'm trying for $700 but he's not biting. Maybe 8 bills in front of him will change his mind. Think it's worth it? Is is really that good of a wand?
  8. Sterling

    Where do you find quality clients

    I`ve been in business for almost 5 years now and my prices are the same as day 1. Maybe it`s the competition in my area but charging more than $25.00 a room will set me up on a date with my couch really fast. It seems like price is the most important thing on peoples mind and the first...
  9. Sterling

    Best online client database software

    I'm looking to add all my clients into an online database. I'm looking at Zoho. Anyone use this or recommend any other platform?
  10. Sterling

    Need some electrical advise

    Advice! I should always spell check lol, anyway... Would hooking this pump directly to the TM battery be a problem? Should I add a switch? I don't have a problem removing the clips after I'm done but is it a safety factor to have a switch?
  11. Sterling

    Not Getting Constant Heat

    I bought a used Amtex Prowler with only 30 hours and I'm having trouble getting constant heat. It's has a single HX so I know the heat isn't going to be remarkable but I shouldn't be able to hold the brass coupler with ease. The part in the picture was glowing red hot after an hour of running...
  12. Sterling

    Running Windshield washer through transfer pump

    Just wondering about running a potential flammable fluid through a transfer pump. I have run some through my porty shurflo pump when it sits in the van for a long time with no problems...yet. My new (used) Prowler is all frozen. I was told to blow it out with compressed air but still froze...
  13. Sterling

    Just got my Prowler!

    What a beast! I had never used a 33 blower before and was a little concerned about what the suction might be like. At 150 feet (I would consider a long resi run) there is a ton of suction at the wand. The heat is great, as long as you do your dry passes and dry time isn't an issue. Thanks...
  14. Sterling

    How to rinse POG with VLM

    I'm very interested in VLM resi cleaning, mostly in basements, under furniture and areas that need a light cleaning. Just curious how you VLM guys rinse out POG or similar products that need a proper rinse. I know your prespray can't possibly take care of every greasy spot you encounter and...
  15. Sterling

    Any thoughts on marketing idea?

    I was thinking about approaching carpet outlets and asking them if they wanted to offer their customers a free cleaning with every purchase and install from their store. I would do the cleaning (within a year after the install) for a low price that the outlet would pay me for and walk away...
  16. Sterling

    Recommend SEO/PPC Guy

    Can anyone recommend a good online marketing guy (or gal). I'm about to use ODesk or Freelancer. I want someone that knows this industry in and out before I hire just anyone. I need my Adwords campaign revamped, LinkedIn, Facebook ads set up. Also I need some SEO help. Thanks
  17. Sterling

    What sounds like a better deal?

    My target market is home owners (combined income of $75,000 and up). I have had success with Groupon offering $99.00 specials for 15 vents then $10.00/vent after and have built a decent business for the last 3 years doing so. My average house has 20 vents which is an additional $50.00. I want...
  18. Sterling

    Best Industry to target

    I want to start marketing to different businesses. In the past I had success with calling restaurants and giving out free estimates on carpet cleaning, tile and grout and VCT. Has anyone had good success with a certain industry?
  19. Sterling

    Hardwood Killing Your Biz?

    I've done cc for 20 years now. I remember in the 90's as soon as you walked into a home it was wall to wall carpet (even in some bathrooms and kitchens). As time went on hardwood flooring became less expensive and more popular. I saw the change and got into window and duct cleaning. Today...
  20. Sterling

    Mytee Hose Cuffs

    I'm having trouble deciding which hose cuffs I really need. I like the Cuff Lynx by Mytee but what combo do I need. My starting connector (at my machine) and ending (at my wand) are fine. I have 150 feet of 2" hose in 3 sets of 50 feet. I know I need 2 male/female combos but do I need the...
  21. Sterling

    Water tank to pump setup

    I wanted to add a 55 gallon fresh water tank to the mix. I currently own a water otter. Do I need a transfer pump to supply the water otter with water pressure or will it pull enough water with a cut garden hose that is fed into the fresh water tank?
  22. Sterling

    Ever have this problem?

    When setting up a hose to the customers laundry sink and causing a flood in the basement. I think it has something to do with the drain hose backing up. I had a customer tell me the basement was flooding while I was in the middle of a job. It was coming from where the thin laundry hose led to...
  23. Sterling

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Flyer

    Before I have 10000 printed, can I get some opinions on my flyer (postcard). I know the price may seem low to some but I offer other services that customers may take advantage of while I'm there. Front Back