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  1. Odin


    Helping out a fellow carpet cleaner last nigh doing a small restaurant for him recovering from knee replacement getting done with the cleaning the owner starts pulling out all the filthy kitchen mats ( cheap Costco carpet ones ) I mean must have been 10 or 12 Owner says he always cleans them...
  2. Odin

    Google scam fraud call

    had a very interesting first warning was it was a British Columbia phone number, I am right next to the border so I do have many Canadian customers with boats and vacation homes down here, Call starts out Hello this is google and you have to renew your google account it has not been used in a...
  3. Odin

    So you think you know how to detail and clean car or van interiors

    Pretty much just stick to the low hanging fruit when it comes to this easy customer takes the seats out of the van or just simple Unlike this gentleman, I don't have ten hours to spend on cleaning a van or car. I'm pretty sure this guy makes more from the youtube thing having millions of views...
  4. Odin

    When Babushka says you need to eat before cleaning

    homemade pickled tomatoes pickled carrot salad Lamb Plav and Herring salad also known as herring under fir coat fresh berry Kompot
  5. Odin


    Like magic, I got a couple of yelp request Betty H and Joe S want to know how much to clean a 10x9 area rug and some stairs no contact info I just respond please give us a call they never do Then like clockwork Yelp rep calls me telling how much Yelp is doing for my business and wants to go...
  6. Odin

    please point out on this

    this teddy bear where ED hurt your feelings
  7. Odin

    Just to let you know

  8. Odin


    no boosters and no pre-scrub just Soap Daddy by itself.
  9. Odin

    Soap daddy review

    not so bad
  10. Odin

    how about a little POG porn

  11. Odin

    Furniture dents on carpet customer want them removed!

    I get this text from a woman's carpet I cleaned a week ago the customer is happy with the cleaning but very unhappy about the furniture dents in the carpet She says for the money she paid to have them cleaned she would have expected all those dents removed. The house is going on the market...
  12. Odin

    please tell my why a cylinder waste tank cant fit in a corner

    and use very little room over stupid square vacuum tanks hummmm fits nice and tight against the bulkhead