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  1. Cameron RDS

    Quality Ball Valve

    I bought this ball valve about a year ago, and I re-ordered more bc of how well it held up. I wanted to make sure the quality was there before I told ppl about it. Other ball valve's handles would always eventually break on me. This one, has a stainless steel handle and is solid. I have dragged...
  2. Cameron RDS

    Latex paint on wood styled tile

    I tried removing this latex paint for two days on this tile and grout. I tried mixing tile and grout chemical 1:1, I tried putting pure d lime on the tile and scrubbing it with a buffer and a crb, but the paint would not budge. Has anybody ran into this problem before, and what was your...
  3. Cameron RDS

    Shutting down issue

    I have a 25 HP chemtex panther with a kolher motor. Has anybody had issues with the motor running rough? For a while the machine ran fine, but lately the machine sputters while running every so often. I especially notice it having problems and dying when the machine is constantly being put on...
  4. Cameron RDS

    Northstar burner

    Just bought a van set up for a family member to start a cleaning biz. Truckmount runs good, but doesn't have any HX or heater. I think the guy might have kept or sold the heater to someone else. This family member lives 10 minutes from Northern Tool. To me it seems logical to get the diesel...
  5. Cameron RDS


    Been working on a sewer damage the last couple days. Definitely not a big fan of doing sewer jobs, but I take the good with the bad. What's y'all first step when you see this on the floor?
  6. Cameron RDS

    New cards: borrowed an ideal

    Being a big kid, I've always thought it would be cool if I had a cartoon me. When I saw Rob's cartoon figure, I knew I had to go find somebody to make my dad and me into a cartoon for our new cards. I love how this card turned out, what do you think?
  7. Cameron RDS

    Extreme Clean by Pros choice

    I've had this stuff forever in my basement. I got the extreme Clean from a Craigslist deal and have just let it sit for probably a couple years. Lately all my powders that I don't use like this one, I have been adding a scoop into my hydroforce with my normal prespray. I do this to try to get...
  8. Cameron RDS

    Heck of a way to start a monday

    First job this morning was beyond being cleaned really, but ppl just wanted our best. Probably around 50 red stains that he wasn't willing to pay for. O well sometimes you do what your paid for.
  9. Cameron RDS

    FEMA insurance

    Hey guys quick question, I'm during hurricane flood work along the Georgia coast. Mainly been working with State Farm agents, however, I have a lady that wants me to do her work and she has FEMA insurance. FEMA insurance is one I have never worked with before, and I was wanting some feedback on...
  10. Cameron RDS

    175: What to look for?

    I have a decent sized tile and grout job that I am sealing Saturday. I would like to buy a cheap 175 buffer to use a white cotton bonnet to buff out the excess sealer once I have applied it. Going to go around to a few pawn shops tomorrow. Have no experience with 175's. What do I need to look...
  11. Cameron RDS


    Just curious what other cleaners do for lunch? I prefer to eat out every day instead of packing something, but I'd be interested to hear what others do.
  12. Cameron RDS

    Scott Will hydroforce sprayer post

    Did anyone take a picture or maybe Scott will be kind enough to elaborate again? Scott W posted a great way to calculate how much sauce to put into the hydroforce. I had a screenshot of it, but when I got a new phone I lost it. It was something like 8 + 1 plus plus how many quarts your...
  13. Cameron RDS

    Worx Sprayer Review

    I've had my Worx sprayer for two weeks now and here is what I think in a pro controller format. Pros: - two different pressure setting with the high setting really putting out pressure. I prefer the low setting. -can set the 15 foot hose in a 5 gallons jug in the middle of a room and spray the...
  14. Cameron RDS

    Worx Sprayer Review

    I've had my Worx sprayer for two weeks now and here is what I think in a pro controller format. Pros: - two different pressure setting with the high setting really putting out pressure. I prefer the low setting. -can set the 15 foot hose in a 5 gallons jug in the middle of a room and spray the...
  15. Cameron RDS

    Acidic prespray

    I clean my house more than usual bc my family has 3 insides dogs. Hearing dogs says it all right. Usually I go high alkaline prespray with alk rinse. But I decided to switch it up and use some overstocked chems I have. This one TMT chem was an acid prespray that was made for urine. I coupled...
  16. Cameron RDS

    100 lb keg

    Just a little tip for other carpet cleaners out there. I found out recently my supplier sells 100 lb kegs of powder. As most of you know, the more you buy the better deal you get. Ask your supplier about it and they have it too!
  17. Cameron RDS

    TMT 3000 / powerclean 3000 help

    I bought a fixer upper machine for cheap, but anything that is cheap always will give you some trouble right? Luckily the engine runs good, the blower is strong, and all the HX are good. What my main problem is is hooking up the electrical stuff. My freshwater tank, the steel tank probably 2...
  18. Cameron RDS

    New portable: give me your advice

    I got a sweet deal on a Daimer portable. I really didn't need to, but I got a sweet deal and it came with a bunch of other stuff I needed. However, I will say this portable is so nice. I have a us product Terminator, us product pex 500, mytee LTD 3, mytee 1003 DX, ninja, and rotovac diamondback...
  19. Cameron RDS

    Masterblend products near Atlanta

    I have been using PCX by kleenrite as my extraction rinse for a while now. I really appreciate how it leaves the carpet soft and has an anti resoiling agent in it. However, recently someone brought to my attention that it smells very butyl-y. I'm perplexed if it has butyl, but I think I will try...
  20. Cameron RDS

    Does anybody have a coupon for penguin sprayer?

    Hey guys been wanting to purchase a penguin sprayer and saved up enough cash to buy one, and thennnnn my transmission went out so that lightened my wallet nicely. I still really need one though, would anyone happened to have a coupon or promo code? Sent from my XT1254 using TMF Forums mobile app
  21. Cameron RDS

    Some pics from a job

    Did work for a machine shop today. They had a nice lil grease path. I thought it cleaned pretty well. Had some spots where chairs are the carpet up, but when it was just grease it came out great. IMG][/IMG] Sent from...
  22. Cameron RDS

    Northstar sprayer, has anybody tried this for prespray

    I've been looking for a better way to apply pre-spray other than my backpack sprayer. I'd really like something with some better pressure. I like the look of the penguin emporior 300 but it is 659 dollars and that seems a lil high for what it is. I've searched and searched for other sprayers...
  23. Cameron RDS

    Ole fashion way, no pre spray

    I cleaned my house the other day, and I have a commercial job coming up that I'd really like to just use an extraction rinse on. So I figured I'd see how just using am extraction rinse on my own house would go. This is with a portable btw because the commercial job is in a high rise. My house...
  24. Cameron RDS

    Stocking up

    I've always been a fan of buying in bulk, but my dad would want to buy a gallon here a gallon there. Drove me crazy. Luckily once we expanded, stocking up made more sense. Glad to be ready for the Christmas rush. Sent from my XT1254 using TMF Forums mobile app