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  1. TheBeast

    Prochem quad wand

    Nice condition, soft touch stainless valve, new Parker pressure line, jet extwnders. This is a 1 3/4” wand that will accept 2” & 1 1/2” vac cuffs $395 shipped in the conus
  2. TheBeast

    Air duct cleaning with truckmount or portable equipment

    Anyone doing well with this type of air duct equipment? If so I'd like to come do a ride along with you or one of your better techs
  3. TheBeast

    Looking for Fox truckmount

    Sure its a long shot, but anyone selling a fox truckmount with the nissan engine?
  4. TheBeast

    Need new residential prespray...

    Would like to know what most of you are using for everyday residential cleaning. I was all gung ho on a new product and their rep fell down on me. Now I have almost no chemical on hand and need to get some on its way quick.
  5. TheBeast


    MonsterClean Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning We have the area's only Master Textile Cleaner Using Hot Water Extraction and Truck Mouunted Equipment
  6. TheBeast

    Junk felt rings for RX20---hey Interlink are you listening?

    So for the past several months we've had a few bad batches of felt rings for the rx-20. Just for background, we typically clean almost 40k sq. ft of commercial glue down a week, change rings between jobs, and soak them in a container of 20w-50 in between shifts. I finally realized all the...
  7. TheBeast

    Time to buy more vac hose

    What are you guys having the best success with? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. TheBeast

    Sutorbilt 4lp or competitor 407, which one?

    My 4lp is having bearing issues. If it can't be rebuilt and I hav to buy a new one, should I get another 4lp or try a competitor 4007? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. TheBeast

    RX20 glides, which ones and why?

    I currently use a set of green glides and have been pleased with them, but looking at the ones from Ken Harris for my other van. Anyone have experience with the Harris glides?
  10. TheBeast

    Looking for Amflex dealers Midwest or Southeast

    I need some 2.5 and 2" vac hose, trying to find a dealer close to Kentucky to save on shipping
  11. TheBeast

    Looking for RX20 glides

    TurboTek is out of stock for awhile, any other suppliers?
  12. TheBeast

    Power Flite Black Max Air Mover

    I am very impressed with this unit so far. Build quality is very good and man will this thing move some air! The Black Max doesn't appear to be any louder than the Gale Force fans we also use, which surprised me as I expected it to be a bit noisier. Looks and feels like a professional piece...
  13. TheBeast

    Velocity Technologies

    Anyone ever dealt with Albert Clark and velocity technologies?
  14. TheBeast

    Dry Air Gale Force vs Powr Flite F5?

    I need to order a couple more fans for a large commercial job. I have some Gale Force fans and really like them, but the Powr Flite F5 lists 3000 cfm whereas the gale Force is listed at 22oo. I'd really like to try the Powr Flite Black Max downdraft, but at $500 each it isn't going to happen...
  15. TheBeast

    ProChem APO motor #40-902151

    I purchased a prochem apo online using this motor. It came in leaking oil out the rear of the motor near the brushes. I purchased a new motor at a discount because the 'dealer' refused to honor the warranty claim. New motor arrived without any lubricant in the gear reduction....ProChem says...
  16. TheBeast

    Low moisture advice, please

    I've always been a diehard truckmount or it isn't clean kind of guy, but I have a customer request for low moisture cleaning and was looking for advice. The job is wool carpet in an art gallery, relatively clean. A previous cleaner made sure they'll never let anyone use a truckmount again...
  17. TheBeast

    Tmf blog and search engine rankings

    Is the tmf blog still helping people? The recent google updates smoked my rankings, I'm back on the first page organically and have good position on places in my little town, looking to improve my positions for larger cities nearby
  18. TheBeast

    Google Ranking in 2 or 3 different markets?

    How is this best handled? I am in a small market that is sometimes lumped into a much larger one 10-15 miles away (SS services all markets in my area from the large one). I have good ranking (at least today) in my little town but non existent in the two cities close to me. Can I tweak my...
  19. TheBeast

    Wordpress and expand2web smallbiz

    Is anyone using this? What are your opinions? Are there better alternatives?
  20. TheBeast

    Moving a butler?

    Who has done this/had experience swapping a butler system into another van? My ford is looking pretty rough but the butler system is still very strong. I know about matching up year and engine size, just looking to talk to others that have done this.
  21. TheBeast

    Windex dye removal question

    I have a customer with a blue windex spot on her carpet, her daughter spilled the windex and hid it, so it is dry and soaked through. This is a high dollar customer, so I want to get this right. The carpet is 8 year old off white nylon carpet of better to premium grade, cut pile. Would you...