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    Eating some extra rips and meat just to make sure if its my last day that I eat good.
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    I now give you the finger....

    Of course @Jim Davisson says he cringe reading that and you want pictures :p
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    Which is your "go to" sprayer?
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    How are you liking it so far?
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    I am in the wrong business!!!

    What is the phone # to this person? I got 10 bananas for sale and will even give a bulk price of 140k a piece. Think about the time your saving by getting 10 bananas all from one person vs 1 from someone else ;) .
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    Commercial Cleaning - Best CRB - Whittaker Trio vs. Brush Pro vs ?

    I ended up getting a Brush Pro 17" and it is like a tank. I can't say I use it every single day like some on here since we do Janitorial work as well, but it has not let us down once. So far I had it for about a year. I currently use a Vibe for encap on commercial clients, however, @smart n...
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    New Equipment Purchase

    What Encap product do you all use for Commercial Carpets for non greasy ones regular office types and the restaurant ones?
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    New Equipment Purchase

    I bought two Orbot Vibes from TMF and they both work very well. I have had one over a year and the other one about 5 months. Also, you get a bonus of some chemical credit. I have bought some Agiclean Fiber pads from them, and they work well. I am going to try the Neptune Fiber pads soon and...
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    For those of us who do not have a TM and use portables, can a worx still be used? I am currently using a battery sprayer on wheels, cost about $150, but they usually only last me a few months, although I do not do carpet all the time, and there are times when I do not flush with fresh water, the...
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    What would be your "go to" for CGD / Commercial type of cleaning?
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    If you were going to buy a TM today, which one would you buy and why?
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    I am down with this. @SRD Looks like it will be you
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    Then you have costly princes and princesses, however, they can be free labor if done properly.
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    The real question is can this beat a portable. hmmm Nice video btw. Looking forward to seeing it more in action and seeing everyone else feedback who has a lot of experience with truckmounts.
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    Goodbye Prochem, forever...

    Where the video at? I hope people are getting fired for making us wait this long.
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    Featured New: Formula 99 Empowered Rinse™

    How does this compare to the Ultimate Fiber Rinse?
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    TMF Truckmount

    Today is the day we get this video, curious to see the specs and how it will work overall!
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    TMF Truckmount

    Hey I know they said they were going to post a video on Nov 15th about their two models, but I can't find the thread on it. Did I miss it or something?
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    I just got shut down by the police for cleaning at 6 PM!

    Would they rather you do it at 4am instead of 6pm? I do not understand how 6pm would be an issue for noise. I mean a lawn mower is probably louder, are people not suppose to mow their own lawn now.
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    I have been a very similar situation as you, not completely the same, but the facts are pretty much the same. I can only comment briefly at the moment because I am still in the process of getting it resolved. Background: Got contacted by the customer, we met, toured the place, sent over a...
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    Client had all furniture on skidders...

    $360 shop payment? You dont run out of your house? $200 a month insurance, is that GL/Auto? I do mostly Janitorial, and my insurance a month is like $600 a month for GL/Auto/Workman Sounds like your doing great for yourself , keep up the good work.
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    Toxic Carpet Cleaners Killed Her Pets!

    The pattern I see, is hire a professional. Your restaurant may pay more than having in house cleaners, but you can't replace the knowledge one has learned from being on the field. Also, hire someone who has been in the field a few years+ and has some form of insurance.
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    Buying turn key Truckmount & Van

    Same here would like to see the prototype or specs , more info.