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    rug pad

    hey all,I want to know what people here charge for durahold pad;I need to buy some more and it has gone way up since last purchased.was charging $1.50/ft,thats light considering scrap.thanks
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    solution hose leaving blue mark

    today had my solution hose leave blue marking on some steps i was cleaning.thought it was dye off my shoes at first,but it was off hose.first time it has happened to me,why did it?how do you remove it,i still saw some lines ,faint blue left goodyear hose,thanks
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    bleeding rug

    hey all, i have a bleeder,it's an oriental fron iran,looks rather old.on inspection you couls see the reds had bled into creme colored field,around medallions.previous cleaning,also very worn pile in some areas;i had bleeding on a dry rag as well as wet,mostly red dyes,but also some from...
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    hand tufted wool rugs

    hi,i wonder if you all wet wash these rugs or just extract these,surface cleaning,as is it is just called.I have tried both,wet wash sometimes is problamatic with the latex and the backing,seems hard to dry them .how do you decide which way to clean these,sometimes cheap rugs?