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    Modern Rugs in Alpharetta | Area Rugs Store in Atlanta - Alps Rugs

    I have a showroom in seneca,maybe you can set up a small rug shop
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    Want to buy a carpet cleaning co in Florida

    Walk off mats,,,huge profit,,with steady routes,and carpet cleaning spins off think cintas,,
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    Want to buy a carpet cleaning co in Florida

    I know of a mat rental business in ft Myers i think he is keeping carpet cleaning
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    Sapphire 570 SS owners...

    Older,bought in 2914
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    Sapphire 570 SS owners...

    Long list,,just had water pump and whatever jon don decide to replace,,valve cover gasket,wire off engine,burnt exhaust pipe,new mac and bimba valve in jan,3 waste tank floats,and more.
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    Sapphire 570 SS owners...

    I am thinking my 570 is a lemon,,one continuous problem.
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    How long does it last?

    tell me more about the apex;i am in the market for a new truckmount thanks
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    van wanted with truckmount turn key

    I used the bane unit for 15 yrs,no problems and happy customers
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    van wanted with truckmount turn key

    I have a 2001 ford e250 extended van with a bane clene paramount installed,lots of xtras included,for $6500,decent shape. I am in Walhalla,sc 864-710-3956
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    tre,please contact me as I can not get into my computer had to be reformatted,and i dont...

    tre,please contact me as I can not get into my computer had to be reformatted,and i dont have the link for the blog or annalytics bill luke
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    lisa, about rug beater

    after running vac on both sides of rugs,i use an argo towel machine on back to vibrate soil out,then a leaf blower under neith to blow out dust,repeat process.
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    rug pad

    hey all,I want to know what people here charge for durahold pad;I need to buy some more and it has gone way up since last purchased.was charging $1.50/ft,thats light considering scrap.thanks
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    solution hose leaving blue mark

    some prespray on steps,didn't mark anywhere else on the job,,this was at end of job,didn't leave marks on all the steps either.I put some solvent on rag to remove marks,also wiped hose after rolling it up,sure enough ,blue on rag.
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    solution hose leaving blue mark

    today had my solution hose leave blue marking on some steps i was cleaning.thought it was dye off my shoes at first,but it was off hose.first time it has happened to me,why did it?how do you remove it,i still saw some lines ,faint blue left goodyear hose,thanks
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    Area Rug Dry Racks

    here is a couple of rug racks i made,nothing special,but they work.very inexpensive,most of old lumber i already had just laying around.have casters on the one with a rope and pulley,the other is hanging from ceiling,those are 10'fence rails across where you can easily hang small rugs.
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    great idea with the bissell,never thought of that,cool.i just bought a windsor versamatic,same as sebo,off ebay,we'll see how i like it.for loop or berber ,i use a commercial breeze,great for prescrub and post padding when needed.
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    Wash pit chems...

    try a jar of LST,buy from chem max
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    bleeding rug

    I was carefull in cleaning this rug,i am a driveway washer ,but didn't on this one.sprayed vinegar/water solution on it,then using LST in a bucket,i washed small section with a rag,then extracted using Last Step by pro's choice, rinse in cold water,with low pressure looked really...
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    bleeding rug

    ok guess they went; the left towel was wet with cleaner,lst. the right towel was bleeding from backing,the worn areas are colored,which makes me think this has been redyed.
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    bleeding rug

    i have no idea how to post these i'm going to submit and hope it goes through
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    bleeding rug

    hey all, i have a bleeder,it's an oriental fron iran,looks rather old.on inspection you couls see the reds had bled into creme colored field,around medallions.previous cleaning,also very worn pile in some areas;i had bleeding on a dry rag as well as wet,mostly red dyes,but also some from...
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    Google Dumped me?

    how do you register? i go on google maps,type in a business,read the reviews,then what? dumb it way down thanks bill
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    hand tufted wool rugs

    thanks all for reply's,I wet washed the rug in question,with no problems.
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    hand tufted wool rugs

    hi,i wonder if you all wet wash these rugs or just extract these,surface cleaning,as is it is just called.I have tried both,wet wash sometimes is problamatic with the latex and the backing,seems hard to dry them .how do you decide which way to clean these,sometimes cheap rugs?