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  1. ColoradoCleaner

    Granite Polish

    Hey guys so I'm moving out of an apartment that I've been renting for a long time... it has what I believe is a granite countertop but not 100% sure it's actually granite. Anyway, several years ago I charged a car battery on it and it leaked some acid and etched the surface very slightly. Not...
  2. ColoradoCleaner

    Adding A Second Truck - Boxxer 318 Advice

    Hey I'm putting together a second truck. I am curious to hear from anybody who has experience with larger machines like the Apex, Everest, 570-870 etc.... AND the Hydramaster 318 or the SS Rage. How does the heat on the smaller machine compare to the larger machines? I am sure it will be lower...
  3. ColoradoCleaner

    What time of day do you book most of your jobs?

    When do most of your customers call to book a job? Please select as many as apply. I'm curious to see if there are trends in when most customers call to schedule.
  4. ColoradoCleaner

    Does Over-The-Wheel Freshwater Tank Affect Handling?

    Guys I'm currently building a new truck and I'm wanting to put in one of those wheel well tanks but I'm curious if it affects handling or if it makes the truck lean when parked? I assume it would... it's a 125 gallon tank that would weigh over 1,100 lbs filled. Can anybody with experience...
  5. ColoradoCleaner

    Anybody have a K582 engine for sale?

    Hey guys - my truckmount's engine blew this morning on a job. Perfect way to start Memorial Day! So I wanted to see if anybody has a K582 for sale... preferably in running condition but at this point not sure what I need - haven't had time to open it up yet. But it has zero compression so I'm...
  6. ColoradoCleaner

    Dual Wanding With Two Rotaries

    Does anybody have experience dual wanding with two rotaries? Maybe two smaller types like the rv360i? Because the vacuum slots are always on the carpet, it seems to me you could more effectively dual wand with a rotary on each hose instead of a wand because the wand is constantly being lifted...
  7. ColoradoCleaner

    I'm In Love With Pro10k

    Well I ordered two 5lb buckets of Pro10k and they arrived late yesterday... so naturally I had to use them on a job today! Just wanted to let you guys know I love the stuff and it worked great on the two jobs this morning and afternoon. It did seem to outperform my regular go-to prespray and...
  8. ColoradoCleaner

    Who is Wearing Dress Slacks & Dress Shoes on Jobs?

    Curious who is wearing dress slacks and dress shoes on jobs... not talking about tan dickeys and vinyl imitation shoes here - higher end stuff. I am mostly interested in how long your leather dress shoes are lasting before needing replacement... my shoes I'm currently using go through a lot...
  9. ColoradoCleaner

    Mark Cuban On The Phone

    You're at home and the phone rings... it's a Dallas, TX number. Usually you don't answer out of area numbers but this time you do. It's Mark Cuban! That's right... the billionaire 3 times over that invests in small businesses on Shark Tank... he saw your business online and he wants to invest...
  10. ColoradoCleaner

    What Keeps You Going Everyday?

    Alright TMF let's all share - What keeps you going every day? What drives you to pull your ass out of bed every morning and deal with the rigors of owning your own business? What drives you to think about how to improve your business all day every day? Share your story and your inspiration and...
  11. ColoradoCleaner

    Wand Width

    Does anybody have experience going from a smaller sized wand... 11-12" to a 14-15"? How much time does it really save in residential settings? I'm currently using a 4 jet 1.5 inch low profile 12 inch wand. It works great but I was thinking a larger one might speed production and curious on...
  12. ColoradoCleaner

    With Flood Work... Do you have to go "All in"?

    Yesterday I had a couple small jobs extracting small areas with a water claw and I used some air movers and got the area nice and dry. I'd love to get into flood extraction, get some dehumidifiers and a bunch more air movers etc but the thought of tearing into walls and ceilings turns me off...
  13. ColoradoCleaner

    Would You Pay Referral Fees To Your Customers?

    I have a customer I just did a job for... a repeat. I did his place about 6 months ago. He kept talking about how I was doing an amazing job. Several times throughout the job he said he's going to refer me to his friends and I said that would be great I really appreciate that. Then he said...
  14. ColoradoCleaner

    Reserve Funds available before hiring employees

    Hey guys I'm looking to hear from people with experience hiring employees... how much money in reserve do you think is appropriate before hiring employees?
  15. ColoradoCleaner

    Water Recovery on Spinner vs Wand

    Has anybody noticed water recovery to be better on a spinner than a wand? I'm just now adding on tile cleaning and I have a tile wand and it SUCKS with water recovery. I have a #4 blower truckmount and I really don't think it's my machine it's just the design of the wand I have. Is water...
  16. ColoradoCleaner

    Engine Failures?!

    I'm curious if some of you could share your experience with truckmount engine failures you've encountered. I'm really only talking about catastrophic failures where a replacement engine or replacement internal parts are required. What exactly broke on your engine? Was it due to low oil, or too...
  17. ColoradoCleaner

    Can Descaler Damage Pressure Hoses?

    So I've descaled my truckmount twice now with Prochem descaler. It hadn't been descaled in over 1,500 hours and I was having to clean my inline filters every 1-2 days so I figured it was time. Both times the water was black soon after starting. I ran the descaler through the machine for 20...
  18. ColoradoCleaner

    Would you put a picture of yourself on your Van Wrap?

    Would you put a picture of yourself on your Van Wrap? Why or why not? I'll be wrapping my van within the next few weeks and curious of your opinion!
  19. ColoradoCleaner

    Chemical to Dissolve Hair?

    So I just bought a large devastator filter and I'm going to be cleaning out my waste tank really well soon. There is a bunch of old hair and crap at the bottom of the waste tank... and the waste tank is big enough and in a position in the van that I can't really reach the bottom. (105 gallons...
  20. ColoradoCleaner

    How far will you drive for a job?

    I'd like to see how far you would drive for a job in terms of time spent driving and not miles. 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? Like many of us I've slowed up for winter and I'm trying to think of new ways to generate more business. Here in Denver it's been about 10 degrees for a high for the...
  21. ColoradoCleaner

    Experience with Upgraded Pump?

    Does anybody have any experience with upgrading the pump in this machine? I have the cat pump and it goes only to 1,000 psi. I'd like to upgrade it to at least a 1,500 psi model for tile and grout, but 2,500 to 3,000 psi would be even better for concrete cleaning. Do you know if the heater coil...
  22. ColoradoCleaner

    For the guys that carry their own fresh water...

    Do you use your water on every job or just on the ones like apartments etc where hooking up is difficult? How long is water good for in the fresh water tank? I've been thinking of installing fresh water tanks in my van for apartments and to save time on small jobs but was thinking water might...
  23. ColoradoCleaner

    Some newbie questions on color sealing!

    Hey guys I tried searching but couldn't come up with any clear answers here... Is there a rule of thumb as far as how many linear feet or square feet of grout a gallon/quart of color seal will last for? How many different colors do you all keep in your truck for the customers to choose from...
  24. ColoradoCleaner

    New to tile cleaning with a question!!!

    Hey guys... I have a carpet cleaning business that's going well and I'm looking to start doing tile cleaning as well however I've never done it before! I'm excellent at cleaning carpet but new to tile... I'm looking at different tile cleaning tools and I'd like to get a sx-12 or turbo hybrid but...
  25. ColoradoCleaner

    Help with a model number

    Hey guys! I have a Steamway Powermatic 1150 and I'm trying to figure out what the model number is on the pressure pump. It's a cat pump...has a cat sticker on it but the model number isn't filled in on the sticker. I believe it's a 1000 psi pump but it's only been giving me 200 psi max. Also...