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  1. jaymark

    Church pew time and pricing

    I have 42 pews to bid out. They are 15 feet by 1.5 feet. How long using a upholstery tool would this take each? I am guessing 8 to 10 minutes each. So at 10 minutes each, I am guessing 7 hours to complete the work. (10 x 42 = 420. 420/ 60 minutes) So taking my helpers rate of $115 an...
  2. jaymark

    Tackling customer criticism head on

    With the age of the internet and how people take to review sites right away to voice their opinion, are any of directly dealing with this issue at the time of the job to help avoid negative reviews? What I mean is, when I finish the job, I hand the customer a 2 page information packet. I am...
  3. jaymark

    Some light hearted business slogan fails. Some people should steer clear of marketing.
  4. jaymark

    How do I fix this friggin nightmare!

    So get this. I am at my moms helping my bro install a microwave. His dog gets a cut on his paw. Gets blood on the carpet in another room. My mom, instead of asking what to do, runs and grabs this dollar store carpet cleaner. She sprays it on, rubs with a yellow sponge(she used this combo...
  5. jaymark

    100% Anso BCF Nylon

    A friend is installing new carpet. Asked my opinion. Any idea what Anso BCF is and if its a good carpet? Seems nice and soft to me. Looks like good quality as well.
  6. jaymark

    Some hardwood care cleaning questions.

    I am making up a real estate sales flyer, Ryan is designing it. One obvious stumbling blocking is I want to be able to offer high ticket services beyond just cleaning a few areas of carpet, so clearly wood cleaning is a must. I watch videos online and have a few questions. I understand I...
  7. jaymark

    Spring is almost here

    This year personally for me has been horrible and heart breaking. But I just looked at the calender and spring is 54 days away. That means in only a few short weeks, warmer days will be here. So keep plugging along, get all of your winter business chores done, and soon you will be so busy...
  8. jaymark

    What do social media gurus actually do?

    So when I starting pushing my FB page, I started following several gurus on FB to get ideas. The people with 500K, 1 million, 2 million likes ect. All they seem to do is post positive quotes, uplifting pictures of someone climbing a mountain with a hashtag, ect. How do these people make...
  9. jaymark

    Getting back on craigslist, been awhile, any new tricks?

    Craigslist was a good source of new leads. I just started posting again. Wanted to see if those who do it regularly have any tips. Its free, takes 2 minutes a day, and every customer I ever got from it was great. Why I ever stopped I will never know. Dumbass as Red would call me... Here is...
  10. jaymark

    Incentivising my facebook friends to get me commercial work.

    With lots of contacts on facebook, most working for jobs that have carpet, Id like to reach out to my friends and try to get additional commercial work or at least contact information. I am thinking of posting and offering 10% of any job we schedule if they get me commercial jobs. Anyone...
  11. jaymark

    16 calls and counting

    Over 3 days, this customer I have has called me 16 times. Leaving message after message. Asking if we got his last message. Asking if we are sick or in the hospital. Asking if we went out of business. Even has his adult, live in kids calling. Its like a movie. I would go into the story...
  12. jaymark

    What are your favorite auto bio/ biographies?

    I could read, or in my case listen to biographies all day. Currently reading Arnold Schwarzeneggers, its crazy but funny. Read Sam Waltons, Warren Buffets, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, most founding fathers, good amount of military leaders, ect. Power washing gives you hours of listening time...
  13. jaymark

    Always remove your logos when selling vans/ trucks.

    Here is the story. Horrible. I cant imagine seeing my van in a war zone with an AA gun mounted on top. Here are the sad but somewhat funny google reviews...
  14. jaymark

    Streetbidder. Anyone using this for exterior services?

    I just downloaded it to use as I am driving around between jobs to estimate house washing. It looks awesome because of its ability of get attention, buy somewhat creepy because of the customers home being on the post card. Anyone use this for window cleaning or house washing?
  15. jaymark

    Roof cleaning system is this a good one? Any one use this system? I have the tank and the reel already, just need the pump and hose.
  16. jaymark

    CNBC TV show "The Profit" Anyone watch?

    Does anyone watch this show? I enjoy the concept of it. I like how he finds issues and corrects them. I like how he rebrands the businesses. He number one saying is the three P's, People, Product, and Process. Reminds me of SFS. I am shocked people agree to his stipulations though...
  17. jaymark

    Help pricing leather cleaning

    While I clean my own home and auto leather all the time, I have little experience in pricing it out. No issues on this leather, just needs to be cleaned and conditioned. My cost would be about $20 and I would guess 2 hours of time, but I know the going rate on leather per foot is much higher...
  18. jaymark

    Whats your thoughts on sales cars for a very small business?

    Ive been considering a sales car, fully painted and lettered to match my van. Most likely Ford transit. But is it worth the expense? Does having a professional looking sales car help in the sales process or does it not even matter? With my EDDM and valpak coupons really bringing in new...
  19. jaymark

    Folding another company into mine.

    I am taking over a 11 year old CC company starting Monday. I am basically taking over the phone calls. Customer list will be soon to follow. Has anyone done this and how did you address the phone calls coming in. I am currently working on my phone script. Any thoughts? This was an O/O...
  20. jaymark

    Should I stay or go?

    Ive been in a business networking group a year now. It makes about a 3 to 1 return, not very good considering you need spend 1.5 hours every week at 7am sitting in a group. What I am not getting is high earning jobs. Most are 3 or less rooms and I only get them so the guys in the group can...
  21. jaymark

    Have you ever tracked your time?

    I have been working with a business coach and she has me tracking my time, each day, every single major detail, for a month. I carry a note pad in my pocket Well I just completed the month and its shocking what I waste time on. If you never did it, give it a shot. Its a PITA but you will...
  22. jaymark

    Just horrible...

    Read This Then go here
  23. jaymark

    1-2 hour dry times are very possible

    Ive been using a butler glide since buying my TM. It fit poorly and I never had success with short dry times that some claimed. Even to the point of just not believing some guys. With my rebranding last year, I began to focus on improving every aspect of my cleaning experience, which included...
  24. jaymark

    Packing for my trip to Germany.

    I am getting ready for my yearly trip, ordered a new shirt. Appropriate or not? Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums
  25. jaymark

    Awesome app for power washers

    Like many, I use the interior Sq Ft to charge for power washing of a basic house washing. But like many of you know most home owners dont know the size of their home. I downloaded an app called Measure Map. It uses satellite pictures of homes, and you drop pins around the exterior of the home...