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  1. Steve@GM

    Seriously considering VLM - Have some newbie questions

    I am making plans to purchase a Mytee Eco-17 machine for residential VLM work. Since I had originally planned on HWE cleaning, my knowledge of VLM is a little short and I find myself trying to cram as much knowledge on the subject as I can. My first step has been getting the process down. If I...
  2. Steve@GM

    Host Liberator as a CRB for VLM?

    Picked up a practically new Host Liberator this weekend for nearly nothing and I'm wondering if it could be used as part of a VLM cleaning process? I imagine using the brushes with the vac to remove loose soil, hair and debris, then applying an encap solution to the area, using just the brushes...
  3. Steve@GM

    Just supplies

    Does anybody here have any accounts where you are only responsible for the delivery of supplies on a regular schedule? I was approached by an individual in charge of a half dozen or so large facilities and they are not satisfied with their current supplier. I know there's likely a fine line...
  4. Steve@GM

    S-Corps and Taxes - Do you file yourself?

    Does anybody here operate an S-Corporation and file their own quarterly taxes? If so, are you using software or are you printing out the forms and filling them out manually? I ask because this is technically my first year as a registered business and my first quarterly taxes are due. I cannot...
  5. Steve@GM

    Nyco Brand Floor Cleaning Products - Thoughts?

    I might have an opportunity to do some vct work for a friend so I stopped by the site for my local distributor to see what they have for stripper and floor finish and it appears they only carry Nyco brand products. I attempted to find discussions on these products but couldn't find anyone...
  6. Steve@GM

    The Big Thread of Good Books

    So I did a quick search on the forums and found that the last time we all discussed books was 3 years ago! Every successful business owner has at least one book they attribute to helping them succeed or better understand their business. What have you read? What do you recommend? How has it...
  7. Steve@GM

    The city sprawl or country charm?

    What is your ideal place to settle down with the family? Obviously retirement is a different story and likely involves a beach somewhere, but what about in the interim? Do you like city views or prefer the charm of a country living? Or maybe you like the manicured lawns of suburbia? My number...
  8. Steve@GM

    Strictly Pad-Capping for residential

    Does anybody here service their residential clients exclusively using the pad-capping method? I would like to know more about the process from people who do it every day. I have no idea when my TM is going to be up and running so I've been contemplating going this route to generate the cash...
  9. Steve@GM

    What do you use your Oreck Orbiter for?

    Just picked up an Oreck Orbiter and I'm just curious who all uses one in their day to day business and what for? I've seen the most common application seems to be for agitation but it seems like it would be good for many other purposes, so how do I get the most out of my machine? Sent from my...
  10. Steve@GM

    Carpet Manufacturing - If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em

    They say you can find just about anything on craigslist. Today I found a carpet manufacturer for sale on craigslist. I recall @rob allen mentioning how the industry is in the process of switching their manufacturing from mostly nylon carpet over to poly and the damage that would do to the...
  11. Steve@GM

    I'm dyeing over here!

    Actually, thanks to Rob's Carpet and Rug Dyeing course, there are a whole lot of us dyeing now :D No really folks, I couldn't tell you how intimidated I was at the thought of altering the color of a person's rug or trying to match their existing color while repairing a color loss on a carpet...
  12. Steve@GM

    How many rooms do you clean on average?

    While developing my pricing strategy I ran into an interesting question. Exactly how many rooms are carpet cleaners cleaning for their customers on average for a single job? I'd also like to know your pricing structure (per room or per sqft) to see if there is any correlation with average rooms...
  13. Steve@GM

    Need a Squeegee Assembly for Clarke

    I am in need of a rear squeegee assembly for my Clark Focus 34" Rider. This is the joystick model, though I don't think that makes a difference. Not sure what happened to the one it had, but it's not there anymore and I'd like to avoid buying one brand new if anyone happens to have one lying...
  14. Steve@GM

    Want to Buy/Trade for Flatbed Truck

    On the off chance that someone here has a flatbed truck they don't want anymore and would like to unload for cheap I am expressing my interest. I was all set to pick up a beautiful, well kept flatbed being sold locally for $1300 but unfortunately was sold out from under me moments before I got...
  15. Steve@GM

    How far would you go for a good deal?

    Just drove 3+ hours away to Indianapolis, IN for this gem :) Nice guy. Was asking $2000, which was a fair price. Ended up buying it for $1500, which is definitely a great deal! 5.5gpm, 3500psi, diesel burner, electric start. Now I don't have to mess with the other pair I bought. I can just...
  16. Steve@GM

    Where to go from here, finance issues

    Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I received a summons for small claims regarding past due hospital bills. I had been making payments but couldn't keep up and they refused to accept smaller payments. I gave them a call today and they said the only way to avoid a judgement is to pay in full plus court...
  17. Steve@GM

    Pump upgrade

    I've posted this question to other forums but I should have known better and just posted it here if I wanted an answer ;) . Yesterday I took a trip to purchase a pair of Mi-T-M pressure washers, model unknown. The price was right so it was worth the obvious risk. I had a rough idea from the...
  18. Steve@GM

    Who do you bank with and why?

    Getting to the point where I need to start figuring out the financial side of the business and I'm thinking about which bank I'm going to choose. Obviously selection varies by state, but what features drew you to the bank you use for your business? I'm gravitating towards US Bank in Illinois...
  19. Steve@GM


    Has anybody here pursued any higher education or degree programs ? What in? Has it helped you in your business?
  20. Steve@GM

    Box Truck Layout

    So last week I got my hands on a 10ft box truck with pretty low miles . Now I'm working on a layout for the truckmount. Does anybody with a 10ft box care to share their layout? I know it's a tight space, but for $1800 I couldn't pass it up. I'll post a pic of a design we are leaning towards...
  21. Steve@GM

    Air Movers - Name Brand vs. Generic

    So I've been looking into air movers and see a lot of the professionals use dri eaz products. These tend to run several hundred a unit. Is there an advantage to using their air movers vs a generic variety you might find on ebay? I don't want to waste my money on junk that won't do the job.
  22. Steve@GM

    Cimex maintenance & upgrades

    So I happened across a decent deal for an older cimex this morning and pulled the trigger. What are some problem areas I should look at or general repairs these things tend to need? Also, with my savings I imagine I could afford to upgrade the machine if needed. Are there any upgrades I should...
  23. Steve@GM

    Multiple websites

    I have noticed while reading around the forums that many folks around here operate multiple websites for their business. Is there a reason for this? It seems to me that if you are operating a different site for some of the services you offer, you limit your customers exposure to the full extent...
  24. Steve@GM

    Multi Truck Operations in the off season

    So I'm currently working on my business plan and I intend on growing to a multi truck operation with employees sometime in the next 5 years. But I got to thinking, what do you do with your employees during the winter slow season if you are in a cold climate? If you are running three trucks with...
  25. Steve@GM

    Starting work on performer 405

    This weekend I'll be spending my time pulling the Prochem Performer 405 out of it's rusty home and onto a reinforced pallet on heavy duty castors so I can begin working on her. Are there any common problems or parts I should be looking at replacing? Judging by the insurance certificate in the...