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    TMF wand

    I’m curious about the airflow performance. The Devastator screams, so that’s what I’m comparing it to.
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    Lift/CFM & Stuff

    I know this discussion has been endless, but humor me... A 36 blower has about the same lift as a 45 blower. The 45 blower has more CFM obviously. Does the extra CFM maintain the lift on longer hose runs or is lift finite, no matter how much CFM the blower produces? I ask because a larger TM...
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    Boxxer 318 upgrade...?

    Is it worth 4k to upgrade from my virtually new Boxxer 318 (18/36) to get the same basic frame but with a 23 HP motor and 45 blower? Is the vacuum and especially heat noticeably better? My average hose runs are 150 feet. Heat is where the 318 is lacking.
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    Boxxer 318

    Okay, so I’m about to pull the trigger on a basic residential TM. Virtually all the jobs will be less than 150 feet of hose. I can get a Diamond (private label Boxxer 318) for 12k. For a couple thousand less, I can get a Relia-Bilt with the same blower, a couple more horsepower for 2 heat...
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    Does anyone post here anymore?

    Seems sparse. Also, any interest in a 6 month old Orbot Sprayborg with weight kit? Perfect condition - used 35 hours at the absolute most. I’m in the Dayton, Ohio area.
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    So... I 'think' I decided to get a Vibe, but...

    How long will I have to wait for one? I filled out the contact form on the ORBOT site a week ago and still haven't heard back. I did message Rob and he said he'll work with me on a purchase, which is great. My concern is I might have to wait several weeks for a Vibe. You know how we all are...
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    Connecting to water

    If you exclusively use auto water in on whatever portable you like and you are in a house with all Moen faucets with the laundry water covered by a huge washer/dryer... where do you get water? I ask because I want to buy a portable or maybe even a Steamin Demon for the occasional flush after...
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    Minimax Terminator

    I finally, sort of, narrowed down a machine, but then started studying the Minimax... What a well thought out, well-built machine. I like... lower weight crazy stair-climbing wheels the sprayer the super-professional look the simple rotary design means the machine will probably never break...
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    Getting rid of Rug Doctor soap

    Anybody using VLM only keep a rinse only extractor around to rinse out soapy carpet? If so, can you point me to a good, lightweight and affordable one? Doubt heat is needed, or maybe it is...