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  1. TheBeast

    Prochem quad wand

    Nice condition, soft touch stainless valve, new Parker pressure line, jet extwnders. This is a 1 3/4” wand that will accept 2” & 1 1/2” vac cuffs $395 shipped in the conus
  2. TheBeast

    Home advisor

    Stay away from home advisor....smoked me pretty hard and called me a liar when I showed them the proof. Bottom feeders
  3. TheBeast

    Air duct cleaning with truckmount or portable equipment

    Anyone doing well with this type of air duct equipment? If so I'd like to come do a ride along with you or one of your better techs
  4. TheBeast

    Looking for Fox truckmount

    Only Power clean if you really really cheap as in almost free
  5. TheBeast

    Looking for Fox truckmount

    So did some of the power cleans & the performer 405. I'm looking for a simple truckmount without diverters & a bunch of electrical. If I don't find a fox I'll buy a new judson reactor
  6. TheBeast

    Looking for Fox truckmount

    Sure its a long shot, but anyone selling a fox truckmount with the nissan engine?
  7. TheBeast

    Velocity Technologies carpet cleaning machines - Legit or Scam

    Would like to know where that little POS weasel ended up! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk while peeing in the new tech's coffee
  8. TheBeast

    Genesis XT feedback

    Btw it had 1800 hours when it was sold Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk while peeing in the new tech's coffee
  9. TheBeast

    Genesis XT feedback

    Had the displeasure of running a genesis for awhile. Run away! Preheater leaks, vibration woes, blower choked down to an inch to make heat....worked on that pos for three hours for every hour it cleaned Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk while peeing in the new tech's coffee
  10. TheBeast

    Should TMF add a Spanish (and multi-language) speaking section?

    No! This is the USA, we speak English here. Delete my account if this post isn't acceptable Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  11. TheBeast

    What works the best on old urine stains?

    Aqua silk pool shock oxidizer from Leslie's is a good source of HP also
  12. TheBeast

    Chemspec enz-all

    Swear I'm not going to switch from enzall for commercial carpets ever again! I have never gotten a 'bad' batch of Chemspec....can you say that about some of those cheaper products? Call Chemspec customer support sometime, they answer your questions professionally and politely, no bs involved
  13. TheBeast

    Need new residential prespray...

    Was pretty tempted to try bio break. What are you boosting it with for nasties?
  14. TheBeast

    Need new residential prespray...

    I will say we used powermax on the commercial side with good results in the past Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk while peeing in the new tech's coffee
  15. TheBeast

    Need new residential prespray...

    Looking for one that has a ph of 9.5-10. Powermax tests higher than that Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk while peeing in the new tech's coffee
  16. TheBeast

    Need new residential prespray...

    Makes perfect sense, but my local supplier is 100 miles if I have to have it shipped in, I may as well order long as some less than intelligent shipper doesnt send me chemical via the Post Office
  17. TheBeast

    Need new residential prespray...

    Would like to know what most of you are using for everyday residential cleaning. I was all gung ho on a new product and their rep fell down on me. Now I have almost no chemical on hand and need to get some on its way quick.
  18. TheBeast

    If you want to improve your ranking this will be of use to you...

    Mine are up
  19. TheBeast


    I clean weight lifting rubber mats like tile with a spinner and enzyme prespray. Don't know if you're talking about the same type though. I got a spare piece of the stuff to take back to the shop and play with before I cleaned for the customer.
  20. TheBeast

    My First Truckmount With Complete Rebuild PROJECT TIME!

    I HATE my mytee waste tank, curse myself every time I look at it. I see it being used for target practice in the not too distant future. Let me know if you find a glue that sticks to it Joe
  21. TheBeast

    Who uses Quickbooks?

    Those of you using an online, can you generate sales orders with it yet? I've been using Enterprise Edition so I can use the sales order function to generate work orders for technicians Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk while peeing in the new tech's coffee
  22. TheBeast

    Who uses Quickbooks?

    Been using quick books for years, I've been a satisfied user
  23. TheBeast

    New Fox 5000 Truckmount vs Judson TNT

    I ran a fox 6000 with a carb Nissan for 9 years when I was working with the sofa anchor.....solid machine, not impressive on vac or heat. The Nissan seemed to try to shake the entire unit apart, needed a counter balancing shaft or rubber isolation mounts. Always had broken gauges or loose...
  24. TheBeast

    Home and Car Stereo Thread!

    Pioneer navi system in my pickup, 12" Alpine R stealth mounted under the center armrest, AudioQue amp w/remote gain in the ashtray, Boston Acoustics mids and highs, iPod 160g hidden so I never need to carry a Cd. Actually the only hint of a system is the navi screen, until you turn it on. Can't...