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  1. clean-sweep

    Trident fmd20 Seems like a nice piece of equipment. I will only be using it for vct. Anyone have any experience with this machine? Demo did very well dry scrubbing vct.
  2. clean-sweep

    Dear Bonesaw

    Dear Bonesaw, Please figure out your shipping and come back to me. I've included some pics of our happier days. Whatever I did wrong I'll fix it.
  3. clean-sweep

    Let's talk about auto scrubbers

    I do anywhere from 3,000-10,000 sf vct. Strip/wax and a lot of scrub and recoats. I have a square scrub and Aztec side winder but I'm looking for something else to help speed up the process. I've been looking at tenant t3 orbital but I also like the minuteman 20 in. Any suggestions on disk vs...
  4. clean-sweep


    I know there have been some reviews on Bonesaw but I want to add mine. Used on a job tonight and here's what I noticed: coverage was excellent. It was like putting syrup on the floor. Wherever I put Bonesaw down it stayed there. It never pooled or dried while I was working. My sidewinder went...
  5. clean-sweep

    Square scrub VS Clark focus boost

    Anyone have a comparison of the two? I already have the square scrub and am very pleased with the results. Just looking for feedback on those that have used both. Does the focus do as good of a job? I am looking to go primarily with square scrub and the focus as scrub and recoat. I would have to...
  6. clean-sweep

    Don't forget customer service

    Different industry in this scenario but a good customer service lesson. I've been with the same pool service company for 13 plus years. They open/ close my pool at about $500 a pop not including any other service I have done. I called on June 10th with a pump issue. Receptionist says they are...
  7. clean-sweep


    Saw this and thought of you. Hope you're doing ok pal.
  8. clean-sweep


    My coworker who is also a police officer was ambushed today and shot point blank in the head today. He was lured into an apartment and attacked. He will probably only live 24 hours if that as the prognosis isn't good. I can think of one person on here that is so anti police they probably...
  9. clean-sweep

    For those that hate the police

    This trooper was on a traffic stop and was attempting to help these people get to a hotel because they were driving on a suspended license. Suspect is from Ferguson and was very vocal over the Michael Brown incident, even attending his funeral.
  10. clean-sweep

    Items for sale

    24 inch Aztec Sidewinder. Great condition- only selling as I am no longer doing large jobs. Has approximately 40 hours and comes with brushes and pad drivers. I also have a propane tank for it. Hillyard multiflo - with applicator pad and on board charger. Used less than 10 times. Only selling...
  11. clean-sweep


    Aloha(Dave), Today is your day. I can only imagine what you are doing. Enjoy this day brother!
  12. clean-sweep

    Vinyl plank flooring. Need pricing help.

    Have approximately 2,400 sq ft of vinyl plank floor in one of my accounts. I have cleaned it before with a 175 and red pad with great results. The floor becomes dirty again within a matter of a month or two as it has many ridges where daily mopping can't get. Manager is understanding but wants...
  13. clean-sweep

    Tomcat magnum edge 32

    Anyone used this machine? I have the Aztec sidewinder but this machine looks appealing.
  14. clean-sweep

    What's your charge

    What would be your charge for 1,800 sq ft of vct propane buffing after running the autoscrubber? Open hallways and nothing to move except entry rugs. I already clean there 6 x per week. I will use their scrubber but my propane buffer.
  15. clean-sweep

    Airtech viper air duct cleaner

    I designed the Airtech viper to be simple and easy to use. At an affordable price, you can easily get into basic air duct cleaning. The Airtech viper uses vacuum and compressed air to clean air ducts. No damaging brushes or cables to break. All you need is a vacuum source and air compressor...
  16. clean-sweep

    Am I wrong??

    Had a buddy call me today asking about cleaning his wife's work place. It's an insurance office, hard wood, one bathroom, a kitchen total approx 2,000 sq ft. One office and I think some desks here and there in the open. They supplies tp/ paper towels/soap. One Time per week. No carpet at all. He...
  17. clean-sweep

    Buffing VCt with square scrub

    Has anyone buffed VCt with the square scrub and white pad? What were the results if so? I've only used electric or propane so I'm curious how my SS would do.
  18. clean-sweep

    Where can I find this??

    Looking for a dual port nozzle for 1.5 inch vac hose like one in pic. I just need the end part. Thanks
  19. clean-sweep

    Grande finale

    I did a search and didnt find too much info so I'm asking for those who have used Aztecs grande finale. What's the avg price on this thing? Any cons?. I do 3,000 to 10,000 VCt. I use the Rubbermaid wax bucket and applicator, looking to speed up the process. Thanks in advance for any info.
  20. clean-sweep

    Where can I buy a lock for these??

    Had to let a janitorial employee go and of course they refused to turn in the keys( most expensive set of keys they will ever purchase). Where can I buy lock mechanisms with keys for the metal hanging paper towel dispensers? I plan on just replacing the old ones with new ones. I have one single...
  21. clean-sweep

    VCT ???

    I've been doing VCt for about 17 years and this one has me stumped. Stripped a long hallway only separated by doors yesterday. Each section is different colors also. Two of the sections turned out great after 4 coats of wax. The last section appears dull. It is a maroon colored tile while the...
  22. clean-sweep

    Anyone have experience with pro team back pack vacuums?

    I have a Rubbermaid back pack vac and its great. It is currently in the shop and I was looking at purchasing a pro team. Anyone have any experience with these? Tell me the good, the bad and ugly. Thanks in advance!
  23. clean-sweep

    Any experience with this propane stripper?

    I have a chance to buy a PBU propane stripper with under 10 hours on it for about 800.00 It has a 13 hp kawasaki motor I have a sidewinder and love it Just looking for something to help speed up the process. I know kawasaki is a good engine. I know this machine won't shine like my sidewinder but...
  24. clean-sweep

    Live Reel

    I was wondering if any others running a live vacuum reel had this problem: I have a butler and started to notice that my suction was suffering half way through the job. I cleaned my filter and screen, made sure everything was connected up good and it still happened. I started removing all my...
  25. clean-sweep

    Prowler Carpet Cleaner for sale

    13 HP Prowler carpet cleaner for sale. This machine runs great. It does need a new pressure gauge which runs about 40.00. Has a brand new pressure regulator. Suction is great and the blower oil has just been changed. The battery is about a year old. This is a great machine and will do a great...