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  1. MD'z Floors & More

    Looking at the Chem tex machines, who owns one here?

    Lol!! How is that amtex holding up? Heat, reliability?? Etc..
  2. MD'z Floors & More

    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware

    Paid 870 off in 4.5 months! Salute to you!! Sweet
  3. MD'z Floors & More

    Home advisor

    Anybody using this for business/advertising? If so how is your experience with it??
  4. MD'z Floors & More

    What's is your minimum charge?

    $50+tax minimum for carpet & will be $75+tax for tile & grout.
  5. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile & grout

    Don't mean to sound stupid... But give me a little education on sealing grout. I'm a beginner at tile & grout cleaning.
  6. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile & grout

    That's kind of the psi I was thinking, I may bring a 175 for the really bad ones.
  7. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile & grout

    What tm are you running?
  8. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile & grout

    What psi are you running regularly when cleaning tile & grout??
  9. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile and grout cleaning tool

    Info website, number, email etc..?
  10. MD'z Floors & More

    Tile and grout cleaning tool

    Anyone know where I can get a good used SX-12 or 15 or another good tile & grout cleaning tool?
  11. MD'z Floors & More

    Amtex 2745g!

    Congrats!! What did you do with your old machine?
  12. MD'z Floors & More

    Brand New Inferno 500 Installed

    Why is yours missing the two features you stated?
  13. MD'z Floors & More

    Amtex Equipment INFERNO 500, A Hi-performance Truck Mount

    Beauty! Ben your really making me sway away from the prochem legend gt I really want to an Amtex for my next TM!! What's a ball park price on the 500? Best looking TM you have made thus far! IMO
  14. MD'z Floors & More

    Summer sucks

    This what our summer weather looks like up north in Ohio! Smh...
  15. MD'z Floors & More

    Pay system

    What kind of system are you guys using to pay your self? Do you pay yourself weekly, do deposit or put $ up and pay your self every week or two, or are you just paying yourself everyday??? & how are you calculating your monthly & weekly gross?